We Are Defenseless, China Will Strike Before Biden Is Removed

"Joe Biden Does Not Have The Nuclear Codes. Who does?"

We Are Defenseless, China Will Strike Before Biden Is Removed - CD Media (creativedestructionmedia.com)

CD Media

by L Todd Wood June 14, 2021

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It is obvious what is going on.

We are defenseless at the moment. Joe Biden Does Not Have The Nuclear Codes.

Who does?

We are wide open to attack.

Biden is already delegitimized as a leader. However, before the regime is forced to leave office, as the American people awaken to the fraud, the Chinese Communist Party will strike.

The CCP has weakened us brilliantly and now is the time. If they wait, a strong American leader will emerge, and their chance will be lost forever, the new American leader will pressure China’s weak points, and the CCP will fall.

We cannot wait even two years to 2022.

This macabre farce of a regime has to be replaced with an American patriot leader now, via a Constitutional method, nullification, decertification, something.

Our secrets are being revealed. Our technology is being transferred.

One thing we know is this was all planned out decades in advance…the pandemic, the vaccine, the stolen election.

They for sure have the next phase planned out as well.

China has already committed multiple acts of war in the last 18 months. The CCP used weapons of mass destruction by prosecuting biological warfare against our nation. They committed thousands of cyber attacks in the recent decade, including flipping enough votes to install a puppet regime in The White House last November.

Our military is being compromised daily. There is a Maoist revolution being executed inside our armed forces by treasonous officers, loyal to Obama and China only.

China’s attack on our homeland is being enabled by traitors in our midst.

America needs leadership.

We need someone to stand up and lead us out of this abyss, before it is too late.

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