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We're a country more diverse than ever before and because of it we're more divided than ever before

Insights By Z. Ferguson

What I wrote out to tell Rush is below this first paragraph. You are lucky to get 40 seconds before they cut you off especially when talking about white demographics and racial voting patterns. My boy was crying in the background so I rushed downstairs as Rush said "Zach from Ohio", it wasn't my best performance but hopefully a few whites listening heard the figures and will look into it. He has 20 million plus listeners a day with an overwhelmingly white audience.

"Rush, I want to touch on a monumental issue you have ignored in your 30 years of broadcasting, its the elephant in the room the right ignores, yet leftist across the globe are ecstatic about it.

In the year 1900, whites—those of European ancestry made up 30 percent of the world population. Today, whites make up only eight percent. Whites are the worlds minority despite us being convinced we are somehow an overwhelming majority.

In 1960, the United States was 90 percent white. Today, whites are on the precipice, of minority status in America. In a matter of 60 years the country has experienced a radical demographic shift that shows no signs of slowing, more whites are dying in the united states than are being born.

This has huge politcal implications considering only one demographic votes Republican, whites.

90% of blacks vote democrat, over 70% of latinos vote Democrat, over 70% of asians vote Democrat. In essence if you are brown or black there is an 80% chance you vote democrat.

If you are wondering why all these red states are turning blue its demographics... Its the browning of America.

This notion if you fill a country with as many people unlike each other as possible will somehow result in a good and functioning nation is insane.

We are a country that is more diverse than ever before and because of it we are more divided than ever. Diversity is not a strength but a weakness."

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