What Will Happen To The Holocaust Entertainment Industry Once The Goyim Know?

When it comes to Holocaust propaganda (no different from any of the other styles or categories), it is simply entertainment. There will be no end to the ruse until people unanimously say NO to the Baalshit. Because "They" believe so wholeheartedly in our gullibility, that we are so wholly taken in by their antics, They continue and will continue to push the envelope of unbelievability farther and farther with more and more outlandish accounts and illogical factoids. Like a t.v. series you've come to love and are kept on the edge of your seat by to find out what will happen next week. They keep coming up with new storylines. It's become a soap opera and people love it. That is what keeps propaganda afloat. The Holocaust (entertainment) industry is no different. We are drama whores. "Are you not entertained?"

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