• Németh Debs

What You Should Know About President Kamala Harris Agenda


It is widely recognized, if not spoken aloud, that if elected Joe Biden would not serve out even a first term. He is in a steep cognitive decline and it appears to be accelerating. The far left representative Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) asserts that Biden is quite manipulable:

“I will be pushing him. I will — you know, as soon as we get him in the White House, and even before, with these task forces that we had, we were able to significantly push Joe Biden to do things that he hadn’t signed onto before.

That indicates Biden is, right now, a marionette. The strings are being controlled by Barack Obama and the DNC. Biden might choose to resign. By that I mean he might be told to resign. He might also be removed via the 25th Amendment cleanly and promptly.

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