• Németh Debs

White People Are Born And Molded With A Will To Be Free, To Think And To Create

By Donnie Max

White people are born and molded with a will to be free, to think and to create. The only threats they represent are that your life might get better as a result of their work and to a tyrannical, communist government hiding behind word salad that they boil down to the term "Democracy".

They want whites dead because their spirit doesn't allow them to be dominated totally and ruled with brutal force.

It is against the very nature Western man.

Modern history illustrates countless examples of how what was said above is not entirely true so ask yourself, how did that happen? The members of your family have been brainwashed in public schools that should be called what they are, indoctrination centers.

Your will to do what is good and right has been used against you.

If you are to believe what is taught about WWII and history in general alone, then the very people trying to orchestrate and fund your murder, owe you their lives.

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