"White Supremacy" Is So That They Can Distract You From The More Fundamental Class War

By W. Wallace

"White supremacy" is so that they can distract you from the more fundamental class war.

Their narrative is going to fall apart under the weight of its own contradictions eventually. The latest violence in Washington is another example of supply not meeting demand.

Even the farthest of the far right is not what they say it is, from what I can tell. They're ready to cut a Malcolm X type of direct deal across the aisle any time. They want their own communities. They don't want empire or genocide.

The middleman/rent-seeker suffers in that equation - by being cut out entirely. So who do you think is running the place? This stuff ascended as soon as there was even a hint of danger of a united populism - the initial Tea Party & Occupy movements were very similar, albeit from different polarities.

And that's when the next wave of batshit, struggle-session level intersectionality came out. It only took about 5 years to mainstream this narrative - just one generation of graduates in the institutions (although they had been seeded & prepared for decades).

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