Yelp Racism Alert: Yelp's New Labels Will Warn You If A Business Has Been Accused Of Racism

Welcome to the dystopia. Yelp announced today that it is going to be labeling businesses that have been accused of racism. Read the article below. Let's be clear. Yelp is taking this action so that "anarcho-communists", that you know as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Leftists, SJW's (Social Justice Warriors), etc., know who is free game. This action allows the chimpanzee Leftists (anarcho-communists) to know who they have cart blanche to target with harassment and violence. Targeting of individuals, groups, and businesses has been going on for decades on the fringe. Now they want this abuse to be permitted on a nationwide scale and in full view of everyday Americans and to happen to everyday Americans.

This is an audacious authoritarian move by a corporation. If it is not clear to you after the past several months of seeing corporations come out in favor of Black Lives Matter (self-proclaimed Marxists), corporations are not on the side of decent, hardworking Americans.

Yelp has taken a page out of the SPLC, ADL, and JDL's handbook. This is the same operating model of the SPLC, ADL, and JDL and that these organizations have used for decades to destroy individual's lives and livelihoods/businesses by arbitrarily and opportunistically labeling people "White Supremacists", "Racists", "Alt Right", "Nazis". We all know that the labeling the Left uses is opportunistic and at best utterly subjective. There is no substantive ground for what may get you labeled. You are powerless once you have been labeled because the hordes of anonymous Leftists come out of the woodwork almost instantly to attack you. Attack you at your business, find out where you live by checking public records, show up with a mob at your house, harass your family wherever you or they go throughout your days (work, daycare, school), issue non-stop calls to you from burner phones, follow your kids, call your landlord attempting to get you evicted, damage your property, beat you up. The list goes on and on. This is what we have allowed on a lesser scale because most people are not aware of what the SPLC, ADL, and JDL have been up to but now Leftists want to open up these tactics on the whole of America.

We find ourselves in a timeline where almost ANYTHING can be deemed racist since it depends on what somebody who you may not even know determines arbitrarily that you mean or believe from their own tainted perspective. When you are dealing with Leftists even merely disagreeing with them can be deemed racist. Not tolerating Leftist antics may be deemed racist. "Give me my way or I'll ruin you". It is another powerplay. What our society is experiencing here is called 'death by a thousand cuts'. Yelp is trying to introduce the same types of abuses the SPLC, ADL, and JDL have used for decades against individuals and businesses. This may seem like nothing but I assure you it is quite dangerous. We have to shut this Leftist play down. If we allow this move, it will be a very ugly future for anyone who does not conform to Leftism or better stated "bow" to Leftism because that is what they seek. If you are not aware, most of the country including most Democrats are centrists or in any event moderate. The Leftist apparatus has successfully turned Americans one against the other when in reality the situation that we find ourselves in is Leftists vs. Every American. These are the only two sides in reality. Your Democrat 'everyday American' neighbor just has not kept up pace to know this fact. Your neighbor that supports Biden is probably not a Leftist and does not fully appreciate the transformation that the Democrat Party has made over the last few years. Needless to say, we are all on the same side against authoritarian Leftism and these corporate communists.

Everything we have observed on the ground level, outside of the mainstream is being and has been made mainstream thus far. This move by Yelp is just one more of the pieces being moved into place. Soon they will be locking people up for the sin of having been labeled (by nutcases) and that means you or your neighbors will be incarcerated or otherwise disabused of society. It will no longer be just individuals fighting for liberties in the fringes of society. This will go mainstream. Think the Gulag. These people have invoked that old Bolshevism. Some body read a fucking book. There should be an outcry against this action and Yelp should be skewered now. Do not take seemingly slight and/or innocuous actions by communist corporations or of Leftist government lightly. It is never in your best interest. You can take that to the bank until they make us all go cashless. Yelp should be shut down unequivocally. We know who they are now. You are what you do and therefore they are Leftist. People like me have fought the best we could for many years. It is now up to the American people.


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