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Disclaimer: I know that I know nothing.


Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

"The operation of the whole system has been focused around enabling the (globalist) cult to do what They want and punishing anyone which threatens the enabling of the cult."

Not one human being had a say in coming into existence, so why have we been brought here to the pit of perdition? There are those that presume authority over the masses in a decided and organized fashion (Globalists) deleteriously manipulating and administrating global affairs with the intention of harming the masses, utilizing manufactured consent and the appearance of being enabled by the people's own will. 


The shifting of karmic debt unto the very victims upon which the greatest crimes against humanity throughout history and down the line have been perpetrated. 


In reality, the people of the world have no say in the calamitous Transhumanist trajectory of humankind as the masters of psychological manipulation (the globalist cult) manufactures the "say", consent, and will of the people. That is what is meant by "Democracy".  


I believe that people do possess the intellectual and moral resources to navigate through and above the psychological warfare being visited upon them by this Globalist Cult. If you only knew how bad it really is.  

The content(s) of this website is not for everybody. Most probably do not read the Introduction To The Culture Wars |, or they fail to comprehend the purpose of this website altogether. Maybe along the way you lost sight.


If these posts are problematic for you, unsubscribe. Nobody can protect you from yourself. You are not cut out for the road ahead in any event. Things are only going to get much worse, not better as the Globalist Cult works to do openly those heinous things that They have done in the shadows for millennia. The Cult has fed off of the people in every way imaginable and for millennia twisting your history and most of all your understanding of yourself at the most intimate levels. 


Objective: observe and learn. Open your eyes. Know them by Their deeds. 

Take these things that I present to you into consideration as a starting point on your journey toward Truth and do everything that you can to remain in the Present as it is the only thing that is real. Not hopes for tomorrow nor clinging to the past but eyes fixed on the job at hand every single day, every moment of every day. Live your convictions.


Article 19 

In case you missed it, self-determination is the objective. If we win self-determination for ourselves, we win it for everybody. 


If words, concepts, and ideas trigger your personal identity complexes, unsubscribe. Even better, work on ridding yourself of them as they are keeping you in a weakened state. Not in reality. Love and Hate, as commonly perceived are tools of manipulation utilized by the System/Globalists that create polarities/extreme choices to ensnare you in what are no more than social intrigues. Love is duty. Hate corrodes the vessel. 


If you consider yourself a warrior, stay with me. We will find out.

If you would like to support, that support is much welcomed. I accept contributions of all kinds, the best of which are information, content, and kindness.


I also accept donations of any kind via Venmo ‪


We're planning a podcast/video series where I will be personally interviewing keynote individuals and unabashedly discussing the most pressing issues of the day and of our lifetimes. Uncensored.

What a time to be alive. Carpe diem.

Freedom Of Choice

You’ve been blessed with freedom of choice. You can make any choice you want. No matter what country you live in, under what regime or conditions, everybody has this one choice:


Whether you see the glass half-full or half-empty, depends on your attitude.

You have the choice to learn how to closely analyze the wording in every Act, Statute, Code, Rule and Regulation and provide mathematical proof that they say NOTHING…

To discover that you’ve been living under an Illusion of make-belief enslavement, wondering why you’ve lost your freedom.

And then comes the “Yes, But…”

The “yes, but…” is the reality of the illusion, or the illusion of the reality, where fear steps in. And we all know what FEAR is… False Evidence Appearing Real.

It’s also the result of conditional thinking, or filtering experiences, situations, and information that you absorb all your life.

We make decisions around information we collect over time. These decisions come through your thoughts, experiences, internal logic and emotions. You make decisions based on your perspective of the world, and your belief systems, which are often a load of B.S.

B.S. Decisions

Your beliefs are based on decisions you’ve made in the past.

B.S.= Belief Systems.

Some good, some bad, some ugly belief systems (B.S.) . You create beliefs around information you gather through movies, the media, books, audio and visual files, lectures, seminars, and talking to people. There are many different sources.

With the information you collect goes through internal mental filters, as you consciously or subconsciously decide whether or not to believe the information and the data in your brain’s hard-drive.

You are absorbing, or ignoring, new information every day. Information that influences your beliefs, information and experiences that support your beliefs, and information that may conflict with your beliefs.

Every day you have the choice whether to stick to your existing beliefs, or update, revise and amend your beliefs and collect new beliefs.

Now’s the best time to make a radical change in your thinking, and in your life. You want to learn how to overcome this messy situation and you've come to the right place.

Jew World Order


Before the "Mainstream Media" was taken over completely by (((Liberal Elites Whites))) becoming a mouthpiece, news anchors had integrity.

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