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Drs. Reiner Füllmich and Michael Yeadon Join Forces In Exposing Crimes Against Humanity

Former Pfizer VP breaks down why the spike proteins produced by the MRNA vaccines are a toxin killing tens of thousands of people. Follow >@RealVincentJames

Just finished watching an INCREDIBLE interview with Dr. Michael Yeadon PhD, live with Del Bigtree on The Highwire.

PLEASE do yourself a favor and make time to watch and share this interview. There is so much important information here.

Dr. Yeadon clearly explains:

- Covid-19 mortality is no worse than that of a bad flu season

- Why the variants pose no conceivable threat

- Lockdowns do NOT work and should never have been attempted

- PCR tests are NOT effective in diagnosing infectious disease

- Face masks do NOT offer any significant protection, and in fact cause harm

- How the vaccines are causing blood clots

- Why Covid-19 vaccines are “the most dangerous vaccines ever”

- We all have a duty to reject vaccine passports

And SO much more.

Enormous respect to Dr. Yeadon, and of course to The Highwire. From start to finish, this was phenomenal.

Watch the interview here:

(interview starts at 1hr 30mins)

Del pretty much summed it up in closing: “REFUTE THIS”

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