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Academics Prove That It Is Jews Destroying Our Societies

In an attempt to further trash White men, academics actually proved that the culprits operating against the interests of our societies and benefitting the most are not White men.

Rather, those examining the piece noticed the same exact thing no matter where on the socio-political spectrum they resided. They noticed that most of the people involved in every foul thing being pushed upon our societies were Jewish.

The speaker's only concern with this fact (that he also nooooticed) was that others will notice and that could lead to "Anti-Semitism".

The only possible conclusion upon examining the facts is that it actually has been Jews working to destroy our nations the entire time. This is a correct analysis and observation although in the speaker's "learned" opinion it is also "anti-Semitic" to notice that it is Jews that are running our societies into the ground. This is why it is crucial for the system to implement measures to prevent people from noticing "too soon" and/or before it will no longer matter what the public notices.

The "system" wants you to be a functional ignoramus.

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