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AIPAC (Jews That Do not Control America) Target Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie

Updated: May 17

American Israel Public Affairs Committee aka AIPAC is an organization that works for Jewish interests, not American interests. Don't let the name fool you. AIPAC works for a foreign nation, Israel.

Rep. Thomas Massie has a pesky record of defending truly American values such as his Anti-War and freedom of speech stances, and his fight against gun control laws and the Leftists chomping at the bit to disarm Americans. When we examine Rep. Massie's records, it really makes you wonder why he is the only "politician" on the side of actual Americans. Rep. Massie's record speaks for itself and our Jewish overlords have had enough of his failure to capitulate to their obvious agenda(s).

AIPAC's ads against Rep. Thomas Massie to their dismay we must be certain are a glaring endorsement for any American wise to what is occuring in this nation. The foreign occupation of our government, political class and structure. While AIPAC does use the word "American" in its title American Israel Public Affairs Committee, it is anything but interested in America but instead is interested in preserving the funding that America provides to Israel to the tune of 3.3 Billion dollars a year, as well as quelling any dissent to their political ploys in favor of a foreign nation, Israel.

When Jews move against a target certainly in the field of politics and even Hollywood and entertainment, things get dicey. Seems AIPAC has every other politician securely within their grasp, except Rep. Massie. For anyone that still does not recognize that Jews control this nation to the detriment of Americans, let us observe as this particular saga unfolds. The AIPAC (Jews) v. Rep. Tom Massie of Kentucky or rather AIPAC (Jews) vs. American Values.

Look up Rep. Tom Massie's record and stances on every single issue affecting Americans. You will find that Thomas Massie is one man against a massive political machine, Zionism. A dangerous position for any individual to stand up against but Rep. Massie is exactly the hero that the American people need. Let us show our support for Rep. Massie who is fighting for us. If we do not voice our dissent against AIPAC, we get what we deserve, which is the same that we've gotten at the hands of our Zionist ruling class. Look at your country. The borders have been completely opened. Children are predated upon by the system itelf in public schools. Crime is at an all time high. Our young people can't even define what a woman is and are being exploited for their ignorance by the influences that we often discuss that are also ideologically Talmudic (that means Jewish). Let's not merely root for Rep. Massie and/or "keep him in our prayers". Let us take action in line with our values.

If our nation had not been overtaken many moons ago (in 1913), with enough consensus we could have elevated an individual such as Thomas Massie for president.

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