Albert Einstein Was Viciously Anti-German.

Albert Einstein was viciously anti-German. I'm half German and not too fond of this. So, let's crack ole "one stone," shall we?

"The nation has been on the decline mentally and morally since 1870...Behind the Naziparty stands the German people, who elected Hitler after he had in his book and in his speeches made his shameful intentions clear beyond the possibility of misunderstanding. ... The Germans can be killed or constrained after the war, but they can not be re-educated to a democratic way of thinking and acting..." -Albert Einstein

Einstein's 1911 prediction (Gravitational Lensing) was completely plagiarized from Newton's prediction in 1700 of course he never cited Newton (you'll notice a trend here).

1878 James Maxwell publishes the Special Theory of Relativity in Encyclopedia Britannica which Einstein publishes as his own in 1905 without citing Maxwell.

Paul Gerber in Germany published the exact equations in Annalen der Physik (also in "Science of Mechanics", a book that Einstein is known to have studied) which Einstein published 17 years later in1915 as his "perihelion motion of Mercury", in exactly the same journal, with no cites to Gerber, claiming that he was "in the dark", only to confess under pressure to his crime in 1920

1898 Poincare in France wrote the paper on the theory of relativity, which never mentions Einstein, which Einstein plagiarized as one of his 1905 papers without citing Poincare.

1903 Olinto de Pretto publishes E=mc^2 in Atte, a scientific magazine known to be read by Einstein, which he later claimed as his own work and which he failed to cite.

1904 Friedrich Hasenohrl of Germany, citing J.J. Thomson of England and W. Kaufmann of Sweden, publishes E=mc^2 in the same journal as Einstein plagiarizes as his own in 1905, failing to cite any of the three.

Einstein was a fraud. At age 16, Einstein fails a simple entrance exam to engineering school in Zurich. At age 17, Einstein becomes a high school drop out, his German citizenship is revoked, and he enrolls in the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School in Zurich. At age 22, Einstein graduated with the lowest grade point average in the class. His wife did his math, he plagiarized nearly all of his work, and most, if not all of "his" theories have been proven false. He was denied entry to the United States because of his "communist connections." Einstein championed the doctrine of Theodor Herzl, that Jews were a distinct race of human beings, who could not assimilate into any Gentile society and therefore ought to segregate themselves and form a nation in Palestine. Einstein also believed that there ought to be a world government.

Prof. Arvid Reuterdahl of St. Thomas College, in St. Paul, Minnesota, dubbed Albert Einstein the “Barnum of the Scientific World”. He publicly challenged Einstein to a debate over the merits of the theory of relativity and publicly accused Einstein of plagiarism. Einstein refused to debate Reuterdahl. Einstein stated that his sole purpose for coming to America was to raise money for the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and that he could not be bothered with issues related to “his” theories.

This is just the tip of the iceberg with Albert. If you're interested I can send you a couple of books (PDF copies) with much more information.

By R. Orlov

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