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Looks Like Arnold "the Talmudinator" Schwartzenegger Made A Few Trips to Epstein Island

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Roasted by Absolute Kings and Noble Ladies for a YouTube video featuring Arnold shilling for the ever-oppressed Jews that could use their overwhelming power and influence to financially and socially destroy him otherwise. Not all heroes wear capes. Thank you, guys.

Another fact that we are lied about! This is an excerpt of a 1988 interview done with Peter Eichhorn, NSDAP official during the Breslau defense (Festung Breslau - Fortress Breslau), Nuremberg. Debunks another common lie told by the victors. Gun ownership was promoted!!!! "No, I was only appointed to a committee in 1937 to study German law regarding ownership of firearms. We reported that German gun laws were antiquated and unfair to the law abiding German citizen. We recommended that strict laws be eased and that there be no restrictions on gun ownership. German citizens were encouraged to own firearms, and to pass this right on to their children. The only ones we clamped down on were Jews, due to the recent assassinations of NSDAP officials by Jewish assassins. You have heard of Ernst von Rath, but sadly, he was one of many who fell by Jewish killers. The night of broken glass was a result of these assassinations. It was recommended that no Jewish businesspersons be allowed to make or sell any weapons. It was feared they could give them to their kind to be used on us. These recommendations were put into place as law in 1938; we lowered the age a person could buy a weapon from 21 to 18, allowed the ownership of as many weapons as a person wanted, and allowed for citizens to carry pistols at anytime and anywhere. This of course required a police permit showing proper understanding of use and the law. Many old laws were erased to reduce state power. Hunting no longer required permits, as it was a citizens natural right to use the land as needed, the only exception was if you were trophy hunting, then a tax permit was issued to help pay for replenishment and conservation. Shooting clubs, and gun shows were promoted to every German, and children were encouraged to learn to shoot and hunt. The old restrictions of the Kaiser and Weimar eras were gone. When you see the massed rally photos with the Führer, remember that there are thousands of people with firearms around him, many nonmilitary citizens. Testament of the trust he had in Germans, and Germans in him. Gun restrictions did not exist in Germany after 1933, and became law in 1938. That is a history lesson for you, young man."

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