• Németh Debs

As A Species We Truly Are Contending With Something Of A Demonic Nature

By Leif Erickson

So, it appears that we will all be subjected to the infamous spiked protein via viral shedding of the vaccinated. To those scheming minds responsible for polluting the genetic structure of an entire planetary population, I offer them my unrelenting and non-negotiable eternal hatred from now until the end of time. I am not certain what sort of spirit or life force animates their decrepit malformed flesh suits, but I feel confident in the belief that they do not even fractionally meet the criteria of an actual human being.

As a species we truly are contending with something of a demonic nature. A disembodied reptilian calculating presence that pretends to be creating order out of chaos, however the chaos that it creates is of it's own design. The squalid putrid seeds of entropy which they have planted and the fracturing wedges that they have aggravated, accelerated, and amplified simply so they can be the self-anointed kings of this remaining trash heap; which will be nothing more than a mere externalization of the landscapes of their own rotted fetid souls.

And I understand they have their transhumanist cybernetic evacuation plans, but they will never escape the judgment of God and that of righteous men and women who they have robbed of something far greater than life itself.

I am speaking of the deprivation of the human spirit and it's connection to the source of guiding meaning and purpose; of our soul's very own nourishment, and for this they will never be forgiven or redeemed. If takes a thousand lives suffering the slings and arrows, we will continue to resist until the day eternal justice shall be delivered. This much I promise.

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