Banned Meme Series

It's important to follow different facets of the re-molding or remastering of society (if you will permit) that we are experiencing. You must understand the fact that we will not be going back to any normal that you have idealized in your mind like a child. The changes in society, this "Progress" that we hear so much about, are being accomplished in the sector of ideas through the mechanism of thought "management". We observe the penalties issued for thought crimes. Think Orson Wells' 1984. Think how Anti-Semitism, especially, is applied.

You gotta ask yourself - who, what, where, when, why, and how.

Enter memes. The scourge of the Leftist Authoritarian Apparatus because they cannot effectively control this mode of idea expression and conveyance. There are many things going on socio-culturally that people consider silliness and the significance is wholly lost on them. Memes being one. However, that's why we're in the predicament that we find ourselves. Everybody has just laughed for years about 'what are the liberals doing today?' Not even realizing that we're experiencing a slow and painful murder of our beloved civilization. A death by a thousand cuts.

Society has been in the stage of thought crime persecution for a very long time.

This's a meme that is "Banned" for reflecting ideas that go against the dogma of the power apparatus. For that reason alone, I'm sharing it. You got to start asking the right questions. You cannot just gloss over things anymore. What are the right questions? This is basic stuff. Who, What, Where, When, How, and most important, Why? Why do they want to censor the ideas being conveyed herein? Who are these people with an interest in burying particular ideas? Start there. If you're not a complete fuckin dullard, you may notice a pattern.

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