Canada's Prime Minister Threatens Canadians Against Refusing Jab

Australia recently conducted a mass vax operation of 24k children blocking admittance to parents with the added pressure of utilizing the police force who stood at ready in the event a parent or citizen interceded. Shit is about to get real. Now, we have Canada's Prime Minister threatening Canadians on national television stating "there will be consequences for those that choose not to be vaccinated", or rather those that resist the experimental gene therapy. They are not asking folks. You have no sovereignty over your own body as you once believed.

Prime Minister Trudeau is a faggot. By faggot I mean a Marxist. A Globalist. A Globohomo. A filthy, Godless Communist. These faggots, They have an agenda and your perceived freedoms will not stand in their way. Democracy is and has always been a lie. Our good people of the many countries comprising Western Civilization have been duped. One by one countries have fallen. If we are meant to be free, it is up to us to stand up for ourselves. No piece of paper (Constitution) is going to save you. No deity. No superhero. Nobody is coming to save you. If you've lived cushy little lives, then as we move forward what transpires may rattle you. Your betters are determined to take what personal authority and sovereignty you possess. This is not a drill.

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