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Chosen of God - The Biggest Lie in History


Everything about Judaism is a lie. Yes, there is a god, but God did not do any of the things that the SUMERIAN SWINDLER'S claim that He did in the Hebrew Bible. Ask yourself: Who tells lies about God other than devils? The founders of Judaism were not even Hebrews!

They were Babylonians. Terah and his son, Abraham, and his grandson Isaac and great-grandson Jacob, incestuously married their Babylonian relatives in order to keep their wealth within the family.

They were the four generations of Babylonians who founded “Judaism.” Although they were Semites, the founders of Judaism were not Hebrews, they were schemers! Babylonian schemers.

“How can we be anything other than the Chosen Ones of God?” Terah must have asked himself during his ruminations concerning his tribe in 1200 BC.

They were at the top of the social ladder, they owned slaves, estates, farms, mines, ships, villages, huge

sections of entire cities.

They ate the choicest foods and luxuriated in the most expensive brothels and spas. Even the kings came to them for loans.

As long as no one knew that they had acquired their wealth through fraud and theft and murder, then who could not accept them as the best of people, the very apple of God’s eye?

Subterfuge, deceit, hypocrisy and lies kept the moneylenders wealthy and powerful. But something was amiss. The larcenous system of the Sumerian Swindle was breaking down and needed some additional bolstering up to keep Terah and his family of thieves well supplied with gold.

The great contending empires of Egypt, Assyria and Babylonia could at any time seize Terah’s treasures and lands.

All of the ancient Near East – from Phoenicia and Greece to Babylonia and India – functioned with the commercial transfer of silver and gold as a form of money to make trade and manufacturing


The moneylenders had silver and gold in plenty, thanks to the secret mechanics of the Sumerian Swindle where compound interest allowed every moneylender the real potential to own the entire world with nothing more than an initial offering of a tiny loan.

But like all problems of owning wealth, how to keep what they had swindled, was the rub. Taxes by the kings, plunder of invading armies, theft by burglars and relatives, losses from donations to temples, and confiscation by outraged victims of their Crimes Against Humanity, all led to losses of their bullion and set-backs in their schemes.

And what was worse, the kings had understood what a threat that the private accumulation of silver was to the state and had restricted such hoards only to the palace and the temples.

Yes, Terah and his gang of bankers, loan sharks, merchants and enforcement goons – no different than any of the other merchant moneylender families in the rest of the known world – had been able to impoverish both kings and the common folk.

But to keep what they had stolen and to perpetuate themselves as the special and most blesséd of people, these bankers needed a subterfuge, a lie, a very clever lie that would deceive both kings and common folk.

After all, a larcenous business such as moneylending and banking cannot be protected with truth because truth would destroy it. Neither bankers or other criminals can thrive if they tell the truth

about their crimes.

Only with LIES and DECEIT can CRIMINAL VENTURES be PERPETUATED. What Terah needed to protect his wealth and that of his family was the POWER of DELUSION over the MINDS of MEN.

DELUSION is most easily engendered through the dark power of LIES and DECEIT.

As patriarch of the moneylender guilds of Ur and Harran, how could Terah solve the serious problems that he perceived arising during his days around the thirteenth century BC?

He needed not just one lie but many lies to safeguard both his wealth and the success of his extended tribe of loan-sharks, slaver drivers and import-export swindlers.

If kings and commoners knew the truth about banking and moneylending, they would rise up and hang Terah and his entire family.

So, truth would not save his treasures or his tribe. But behind a veil of lies, great wealth and great evil can be hidden. So, Terah invented the BIGGEST LIE EVER TOLD and, over three thousand years later, we modern people are still suffering from that ancient curse of the MONSTERS Of BABYLON.

Modern archaeology proves that the BIGGEST LIE EVER TOLD is without doubt the Hebrew Bible, known to us as the Old Testament . It spawned and it is followed in second place by the Quran of the Muslims.

Proving that the SUMERIAN SWINDLER'S are The World’s Biggest Liars, is easy. Proving the Muslims to be liars, is even easier. Modern archaeology proves that the SUMERIAN SWINDLER'S are liars and frauds.

In his very excellent collection of ancient translations, James B. Pritchard states:

 “The ancient Near East, until about a century ago, had as its chief witness the text of the Hebrew Bible."

Relatively insignificant was the evidence recovered from sources outside the Bible; that which had been found had not been sufficiently understood to serve as a reliable historical source.

Through explorations and excavations carried on within the last century in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, and Syria, a wealth of new information has become available.

This new light from extra-biblical texts has served not only to enlarge immeasurably the horizon for a knowledge of the ancient Near East, but it has also sharpened considerably the understanding of the content of the Bible itself.”

And so, for 2,500 years, the People of the West as well as the Near East have had to accept mainly the word of the SUMERIAN SWINDLER'S for our historical perspective of those ancient times and places. And it has only been in the last 150 years, that the ancient mounds of buried cities have been excavated and the cuneiform tablets, the papyrus scrolls and the ancient leather books have been deciphered.

Those ancient archives reveal that the word of the SUMERIAN SWINDLER'S, is the word of Liars. Yes, God has done wonderful things, but God never did any of the things that the SUMERIAN SWINDLER'S claim that He did. And who tells lies about God other than devils?

Thanks to archaeology, the people of the 21st Century AD have available to us the facts about the SUMERIAN SWINDLER'S that our forefathers did not have. We are now able to better judge the SUMERIAN SWINDLER'S with historical documents that the SUMERIAN SWINDLER'S did not counterfeit, themselves.

Indeed, as the ancient rabbis burned the books of the peoples that their subtle deceit had conquered, as the ancient SUMERIAN SWINDLER priests smashed the clay tablets of the historical archives and ground them into dust, as the old PHARISEES burned the papyrus manuscripts and torched the libraries of the peoples around them, they rested in confidence that no one would ever venture to dig up the mounds of the ancient cities or to excavate the burned and demolished libraries of their hated and slandered enemies – thus, leaving only the word of the SUMERIAN SWINDLER'S to tell their tall tales about how wonderful they all are.

The ancient cities of the near East were built of mud bricks. When the walls became eroded from time and weather or smashed from siege and warfare, the citizens simply leveled the buildings, saved the wooden roof beams and built another city of mud brick on top of the old. In this way, many layers of many cities were built up into dirt mounds upon which a new city of mud brick stood.

The libraries, streets, treasures, and storehouses of many previous cities spanning hundreds and thousands of years were buried, layer upon layer, beneath the city, awaiting only someone to dig down into the rubble to discover the history of the people who had lived there.

In the Old Testament, the SUMERIAN SWINDLER'S brag about committing genocide upon hundreds of towns and villages, burning, looting, raping and destroying the temples and sacred writings of the people whom they had exterminated.


“You must destroy completely all the places where the nations you dispossess have served their gods, on high mountains, on hills, under any spreading tree; you must tear down their altars, smash their pillars, cut down their sacred poles, set fire to the carved images of their gods and wipe out their name

from that place.” (Deuteronomy 12:3)

With the scriptures and teachings of all opposing religious and historical views destroyed, those supreme betrayers and liars stepped forth and presented to the world the writings that they had plagiarized and forged, claiming them to be the very word of their mighty Yahweh-god, a god of lies and destruction.

Confident that they would never be found out, convinced that no one would ever dig into the hundreds of feet of rubble of the smashed cities to find proof against their lies, the Jews have promoted themselves right up into modern times as icons of morality and virtue.

But both science and religion proves the Jews to be frauds.How could the ancient SUMERIAN SWINDLER RABBIS look into the future and see that a people would exist who would, indeed, dig up those ancient ruins in search for something besides gold and silver.

Modern archeologists would excavate the ancient cities in search of knowledge written in the dust, a knowledge that the foul RABBIS had thought that they had destroyed and buried.

It is only because of the discoveries of modern archaeology, that the stories the SUMERIAN SWINDLER'S tell about God are proven to be lies. Not a single tale in the Old Testament is anything more than a lie, a fiction posing as history, a plagiarized document stolen from other peoples or an out-and-out forgery.

Yes, God has done in the past and He is doing in the very present far more wonderful things than what the lying SUMERIAN SWINDLER'S claim. God is great.

No doubt about that. But as great as God is, He didn’t do any of the things that the lying SS CHALDEAN claim that He did. The SUMERIAN SWINDLER are liars, deceivers, hypocrites and murderers, just as Jesus said that they are.

This present volume that you are reading of How the SUMERIAN

SWINDLER'S Betrayed Mankind, proves this. Think about this: Devils tell lies about God. Herein, you will discover how and why this fraud known as Judaism was developed by the ancient moneylenders of Assyria and Babylonia into the parasitic plague of murderous, blood-sucking leeches that it is today.

As you saw in Volume I, The Sumerian Swindle, the Babylonian carnival barkers and loan-sharks long ago discovered that if only one of them told a lie, few people would be deceived.

But if all of them told the same lies, then, through force of numbers, their lies became better able to overcome the doubts of those who looked distrustfully into their soulless eyes and sly grins.

This was and still is the SS CHALDEAN method even into modern times, all of the SUMERIAN SWINDLER'S braying through their gruntles that they are God’s Chosen People and offering up as “proof,” hoary old scriptures that they have counterfeited themselves.

Even against the foreground of their own criminality, this background lie has been perpetuated for so many centuries that even the Christians have been deceived by it, simply because the SS CHALDEAN Lies “have always been here.”

Therefore, as you read the following pages, I must give you one warning, Dear Reader, if you are a Christian. Do not be too hasty to throw this book aside if it irritates your Old Testament prejudices.

The greatness of Christ and of Christianity is certainly upheld in this book. But pagan knowledge is also recommended herein since there is much to be learned from the knowledge of those ancient people who have been maligned by ignorant Christians, perfidious SUMERIAN SWINDLERS and lying Muslims alike.

The teachings that I express herein have never before graced the pages of any other history book ever written. As I demolish both Judaism and Islam, all that you will find remaining is an even greater understanding of Christianity as well as an appreciation for what the pagans knew.

Many of the things that Jesus taught were previously well known by those who came thousands of years before him.

As the archaeologists excavated such ancient cities as Eridu of Sumeria , the proofs that the SUMERIAN SWINDLER'S are liars have slowly come to light. Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden, Noah and the Flood, the Creation Myths, were all plagiarized from the Sumerians and Babylonians.

Archaeologists have unburied the original cuneiform texts to prove this. The wisdom that the LYING RABBIS claim as their own, was plagiarized and stolen from the EGYPTIANS and BABYLONIANS.

We have excavated the original clay tablets and papyrus to prove this. Baby Moses in a reed basket, set adrift on the Nile, to be raised to adulthood by Pharaoh’s wife, was an

Akkadian story of Sargon the Great and substituted with a Hebrew name and storyline.

We have unburied the ancient libraries of cuneiform tablets to prove this. The SUMERIAN SWINDLER'S pilfered the cuneiform libraries of Babyonia and the papyrus libraries of Egypt for those tales and claimed them as their own.

Archaeological discoveries, translations of the original cuneiform texts and linguistic studies, prove this. Such tales about Moses performing magic tricks for Pharaoh and parting the Red Sea, all are tales that were known in Egypt a thousand years before Moses was alleged to have lived.

According to the proofs of archaeology, Moses, the wanderings of the patriarchs, Exodus from Egypt, wandering in Sinai for forty years, conquest of Canaan, the empire of David and Solomon, the Lost Ten tribes, and the rise and fall of Israel and Judah were all inventions, fictions.

There were no patriarchs, no Exodus, no conquest of Canaan, no prosperous united monarchy under David and Solomon. So what can be said about the so-called “History of Israel and the SS CHALDEAN” as found in the Five Books of Moses and in Joshua, Judges and Samuel?

Since these books are fictions, what then is there about Judaism that is true?

And what can be said about the SUMERIAN SWINDLER'S today who persist in telling such lies? When every story upon which a religion is based is nothing but lies, then how true can such a relgion be? Judaism cannot be true and neither can Islam.

But Jesus demonstrated the truth about God, so the SS CHALDEAN liars killed him and the MUSLIM liars are betraying him to this very day.

What can be said about an entire people who have been telling monstrous lies for the past three thousand years?

What can be said about the entire SUMERIAN SWINDLER People, who claim to be the greatest and most blessed of Mankind but who persist in using this illusory scam of well-advertised and much-touted “great virtue” as a means of concealing all manner of larcenies, thefts, murders, sex slavery, subversions and genocides against other peoples?

What can be said about the SS CHALDEAN that has not already been said by their victims? As you read these pages, I am sure that you will have your own things to say about the hypocritical monsters known as SUMERIAN SWINDLERS.

With the SUMERIAN SWINDLE and compound interest as their primary money-making engine, the tamkarum [merchant-moneylenders] of Babylonia and Assyria gained enormous wealth through usury, fraud, swindles, grand larceny, monopolization of resources, cartel control of businesses, price fixing, war profiteering, murder, slavery, prostitution, gambling and alcohol.

All in a day’s work for the moneylenders of the ancient Near East! The moneylender families of ancient times had stolen the wealth and debauched the people in every city and village across all of the ancient Near East.

The merchant-moneylenders of the ancient Near East were nothing but criminals and perverts, very wealthy criminals and perverts. Limitless wealth bought them limitless power, just as it does for the moneylenders and swindling bankers of modern times.

However, the wealth of the merchant-moneylenders did not make them in any way a generous or a good people. Rather, their wealth from the Sumerian Swindle and business monopolies only allowed them to increase their despotism over every society among whom they lived.

As wealthy loan sharks and criminals, they wallowed in their

homosexual perversions and the degradation of their female slaves.

Their wealth gave them the power to bribe high officials and corrupt both kings and priests. Through the arithmetical sleight-of-hand of the SUMERIAN SWINDLE and the juggling of account books – that to this very day are the basic techniques of modern business and finance – those ancient fiends amassed such huge piles of gold and silver that they were at a quandary of how to keep it both safe from confiscation by the kings and out of view from the poverty-stricken victims of their crimes.

Basically, anyone who lends money at interest gets back more than he lends. This is obvious. What is not at first obvious about moneylending, is that by getting back more than they lend at compound interest and then lending it out again, ad infinitum, eventually what they get back is ownership of the entire world and everybody on it. All for the offer of a paltry loan, no matter how small!

This is a basic fact of banking and usury that is kept secret from the People even today.

However, swindling the entire world away from and enslaving the People living on it only works under two conditions (1) that the People do not know that they are being swindled and thus give away their wealth to the moneylenders out of a misunderstood, personal honesty and (2) the rich can only keep their wealth by taking it away from and then hiding it from the poor.

Making money is only half of the method; keeping what you make is the other half. And to keep it, the gold and silver must be hidden, concealed and transmuted into other kinds of wealth.

Thus, the rich must be both clever and stealthy so that the poor do not take back what was stolen.

Here in Volume Two, we shall take up where Volume One ended. Terah, the Patriarch of the Babylonian moneylender guilds with main offices in the cities of Ur and Harran, founded a dynasty of moneylenders originally based in those two Babylonian cities.

Terah conceived of a method for both swindling the world’s wealth and then keeping what he and his relatives had stolen. But for that, he needed a powerful god to frighten both victims and thieves away from his treasure house.

And he needed a base of operations immune from the confiscation of kings.

Both Ur and Harran boasted large temples dedicated to Sin, the Moon God, the god of the moneylenders, the god of darkness and secrecy, the god upon whose moon cycles were based the Babylonian calendar in which interest payments and mortgages were calculated.

And since those two cities were the terminus of both the main international sea lane shipping (Ur) and the international overland trade routes of Mesopotamia and beyond (Harran), then those two cities were the logical choice for controlling the entire wealth of the ancient world.

And yet, financial control alone was never enough for a banker because with money comes power. Those who have one, always desire the other.

Terah moved his main offices to Harran to take advantage of its tax-free status and its exemption of the citizens from military duty. And then he sent away Abram, his youngest son, to Canaan.

Abram’s wealth was hidden not just as silver among his goats but as the goats, themselves. In those days, a rich shepherd was one who had a lot of goats for sale or trade.

Among the poor Canaanites, silver and gold often was not as useful in trade as goats or sheep that could be eaten or the wool of sheep that could be spun and woven. To guard his son, Abram, and to secure the land around the proposed fortress city of Urusalem, Terah sent his armed guards and henchmen, the tribe of Binu-Yamina (Benjamin) to trade with the locals, buy property or to murder and steal what they could not buy and during the trade and bartering sessions, to collect the genealogies of the Hebrew tribes. Terah’s scheme was to dispossess the Hebrews and Canaanites and to place his own family as the Patriarchs of all Hebrew tribes.

It was a simply fraud of writing his own name into the records and so setting the entire future religion of Judaism firmly upon a criminal foundation of counterfeited and forged documents.

A clever underpinning for the BIGGEST LIE EVER TOLD!

From the book,


Meme Credit,

John Paul

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