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The Elites' Usury System is Driving Humanity to Apocalypse and How They Plan to Escape It

Topics: The Holocaust Inversion, Food War, Economic War, Propaganda War, Shadow Government, Usury Driving Humanity to Apocalypse

When the people are properly informed of what the system they are actually living under is, they will take eliminate all governments.

"Usury Is Economic War Against the Citizens of What Used to Be Sovereign Nations."

The 'End of Days' Cult a/k/a Chabad Lubavitch, Nuclear Tsunami Threatens UK, Abortion, Stagflation (

"When talking about The European Union, one is talking about the governmental arm for the European Central Bank. That is the European arm of the Zionist banking cartel that exhibits itself in the United States with the Federal Reserve Bank, in Russia with The Bank of Russia, and they all take their marching orders from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland. When discussing the operations of the European Central Bank and the Bank for International Settlements, and the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bank of China, etc., one is only talking about one thing and it's the elephant in the room. That is that the entire system is based on Usury. It's based on a small number of people creating money from nothing and then charging the citizens of what used to be sovereign nations usurious interest with no legitimate or lawful authority to do so."

- Chris Dorsey

See 14:34 of video

See 23:00 of the above video. Underground Bunkers of the Elite

3:00 When They Wiped Out Lebanon

4:20 The Economic War Against Americans - "All you need to know when you watch the news or hear political discussions in everyday life is that 'The Wealthiest 10% of Americans Own a Record 89% of All U.S. Stocks'. The one thing they don't want you to talk about is that Americans can't afford food or rent."

- Chris Dorsey

37:00 Israel has 200 nuclear weapons and controls the U.S. in a variety of ways including via Zionist lobbying (AIPAC), dual citizenship of members of government. Iran does not have a nuclear weapons.


The ritual killing of all things big and small, human and animal, via Kosher and Halal inverted rites of exsanguination.

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