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Christianity is Under Attack But By Whom Exactly?

Updated: Apr 16

Christianity is under attack, but by whom? The Telegraph piece that is posted (below the first full video of the attack) cuts out just as the assailant turns his head, which would have revealed his Muslim style beard.

As of late regarding the on-going genocide of the civilian population of Palestine, Israel has completely lost social media consensus and global favor due to its monstrous attacks on Gaza killing record numbers of infants, children, mothers, the elderly, and vulnerable people overall such as those in Gaza's last standing hospital that was recently destroyed by Israel and of course aid workers that were killed while attempting to provide food and necessities to the besieged Gazans.

What are you to do if you are Israel losing the battle of consensus to the underdog Palestinians that possess zero power and/or influence?

Do you do the same thing Israel did on 9-11 where they set up Muslims to take the fall for one of the most devastating attacks on U.S. soil?

Hmmm, how to shift favor back to Israel . . . Nice try. Hopefully, Orthodox Christians see through the deception(s).

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