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Listen in as Chris Dorsey breaks down exactly how the American people arrived at this precarious juncture post-9/11 where our nation is stripped of its wealth, our borders invaded, and the White founding stock of this nation has been targeted by the governing apparatus and every sector of institutional and corporate-run society for Anti-White Hatred and Anti-White Christian propaganda in a bid to neutralize the People of God.

Chat Session 3 Introduction Transcript (click link)

The ideological war on Whites is in full swing, America.

The phenomenon of Anti-White race hustling and indoctrination is pushed in all schools, on t.v., in the media, in ads, in movies, on social media, through entertainers, politicians and our so-called leaders to the extent that it is has become a norm for White people themselves to succumb to the rhetoric and hate on other Whites in order to be fashionable, to give the appearance of being “good” (virtue signaling), and/or to cuck because they lack any sense of self-worth. Many people of all walks of life believe and act on the Anti-White propaganda primarily due to social media influence. Society has been deliberately driven to its current state of racial disquiet by the governing apparatus (Zionists) and Anti-White racial tensions have been deliberately pushed and promoted by these same interests looting and destroying our nation.

This is occurring the West over, however.

In point of fact, the de facto governments of the nations of the West are in lockstep in the effort to turn social consensus against Whites no longer masking their agenda. The Anti-White propaganda campaign has been seamlessly hitched to the Anti-Christian phenomenon as of late drummed up by the same perpetrators we discuss in Chat Session 3. These interests work to instigate harm against White Christians.

As we witness the strange developments occurring in our nation since Biden took office, Americans are continually admonished to disregard what is occurring. That we are not witnessing our nation being overrun with third world immigration (legal and non-legal) even though at least 8 million people have been flooded through our borders just since Biden took office. We are told that the LGBTQ (Q is for queer, meaning pedophile) and Trans-groomers are not grooming our children even though that is how both groups have always operated long before the might of the system mobilized to mainstream these lifestyles as a means to target children and youth on a massive scale and as a first step toward Transhumanism (A.I. focused society), which is the ultimate goal.

We have been told that people have not been dropping like flies after the profit-driven vaccine rollout. Then like clockwork, a series of “new to you” diseases have been the focus of ads everywhere since the faux pandemic’s vaccine rollout. T.v. ads are used to introduce these “new to you” diseases into the cult of the over-medicated. A sad state for Americans, everyone is addicted to some type of substance provided by Elites whether that be "illicit drugs" or "prescription drugs" (think medical marijuana, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, etc). More “diseases” have been introduced to the American public that are designed to enrich pharmaceutical companies off of [your] sickness, not [your] health.

So, when you go to your once trusted “family doctor” that is bound to the directives provided to them by psychopaths regarding how to treat you as a patient and what modalities are proscribed, they do as they are directed or are penalized. Most will follow the directives because those directives are incentivized. Doctors are not permitted to practice medicine in the West any longer, they simply do as they are instructed.

The psychopathic corporate governing apparatus gaslights us every step of the way as we observe our wholesome American way of life that has always been guided by timeless values of truth, justice, fairness turned openly debauched, Satanic, meaning Extreme Subjectivist, where nothing is real. When it was said in previous times that you can be anything that you want to be, they meant occupationally. Now anyone can “identify” as anything they fancy, and a concerted effort has been underway to bully individuals that are not insane into capitulation utilizing the “law of the land”.

Meanwhile, the bevy of pretend identities has been provided by the corporate governing elites themselves. Whims and deviant fads have become lifestyles with life altering implications for the unwary and misguided. Most notably the mutilation of children. The system is geared to punish anyone not playing along with the delusion(s) of mentally ill, emotionally stunted, and/or spiritually weak people that are victims of the Satanic/Extreme Subjectivist system run by psychopaths we refer to as Elites.

Love thy kind has been turned on its head and the founding stock of America now believes the indiscriminate message “love thy neighbor” as your government floods your border with hostiles that will reside in your communities and be your “neighbors”. FBI Director Christopher Wray recently briefed law enforcement agencies that he sees more “blinking lights” (meaning red flags) than before 9-11. Of course, the government is relating that to the “conflict” in Palestine. That is to say, the genocide ongoing in Palestine where Zionists are attempting to wipe Palestinian people off of the face of the Earth in order to annex their land and resources. As usual, Americans are deemed responsible for the actions of our foreign Zionist government that warmongers across the globe and around the world pretending to spread American values and the lie that Israel shares our values, which they do not.

The American people do not condone the wholesale genocide of Palestinians nor stand with the U.S. government in their backing of Israel that is conducting the systematic genocide of the Palestinian people. The U.S. government does not share the values of the American people. It shares the values of a foreign nation, Israel. Why is that? We discuss the same in the videos below. Western civilization’s altruism and values have been turned against us. False kindness is killing the West and robbing us of any future for the indigenous European peoples of Western Civilization and their descendants. We and/or our descendants will suffer the same fate as the Palestinians unless we can stop the genocidal Israeli and U.S. governments.

We see clearly that our nation is run by a hostile foreign interest. Hostile to the American way of life. Hostile to the American people. Hostile to the American spirit. Hostile to the founding stock of this nation. Hostile to White people. The powers that be are unapologetic in their campaign against any and all White identity.

While Whites may not perceive themselves a homogenous group after generations of propaganda and indoctrination, there remains one intact identity group for Whites in this nation that Zionists have been ardently working to deconstruct the last few decades, and that is Christianity. Finally, Zionists have come right out and targeted Christians as Christian Nationalists. White Christians were always their target. White people were always their target. This nation was 80% White Christian just a few decades ago. Now, almost half that number identify as Christians but almost 100% of Whites know and understand White values. Psychopathic Zionists want the consensus of this nation turned against ALL Whites. They work to foment civil unrest against Whites, that includes White Christians. To Zionists, these two things ‘being White and being Christian’ are synonymous. Zionists know things that clearly White folks do not quite grasp about themselves as of yet regarding their own racial and civilizational history which is at the heart of what we are observing.

Christianity as degraded as it has become where some Christians worship Israel, still has within its ranks a majority that embraces true Christianity. The Christianity that embodies the baseline of ancient European values, values that naturally combat Zionism, Globalism, Extreme Subjectivism i.e. Satanism. The values at the heart of Christianity (Objective Morality) pre-date Christianity. Pre-date paganism. The values that we share as European descent peoples the world over go back into the recesses of ancient European history and lives within the body of the people themselves whether or not they identify as Christians. Ancient European history has been gate-kept by the psychopaths we discuss in Chat Session 3. However, again, these values reside within the hearts, minds, and genetic memory of goodly White people and our values are the mark that we have left on the world that have brought the world out of slavery and systems of subjugation of the past. We can do it again.

Christianity has been deliberately distorted and subverted, no doubt. Institutionalized religion tends to do that. However, people of European stock if left unfettered by foreign interests, will always revert back to a baseline culture and value system whose iteration we observe in Christianity still. Those are a staunch belief in truth, justice, fairness, integrity, responsibility, work hard, the family unit, protecting the weak, and fighting for the underdog.

White people themselves must fight for White values, their way of life, their lands, their resource wealth, and their survival which hinges on stymying Agenda 2030.

Additionally, the people of the world are confronted by this same great evil that seeks both economic and medical tyranny over the masses. If White Western Civilization does not prevail over the Zionist deceivers, Globalists, and the deceptions propagated and promoted by these psychopathic El-ites, the world outside our domain will most certainly not stand a chance, and all of our ancient lines no matter where you hail from around the world will perish because it is the intent of these Zionist powers to destroy all peoples capable of high civilization. That is what Communism accomplishes. The people of the world have a natural right to exist. The people of the Unites States have to make a stand against the Zionist occupiers of their nation and government, including standing against the genocide of Palestinians, and in-turn protect the world. The Zionists at work will make us or our children Palestine one day where the world simply watches as we are genocided. Notwithstanding the fact that a soft genocide of Western Civilization, meaning White people, is currently underway.

If one fights with the spirit of Truth and the known values that embody the spirit of Western civilization, of White Europeans, our way of life, do not battle with them. The commonality that we share as White/European descent peoples, and Westerners at-large, are our values. Whether Pagan or Christian each possesses their own spirit/will which contributes to the collective Will to Power of Whites/European descent peoples everywhere. Let people express who they are as they know how in their efforts to resist the wicked governing apparatus controlling the West. Love your fellow White people. You will be surprised what Whites of all European persuasions and belief systems can accomplish together.

After all, Whites are a decided world minority yet hold most of the global wealth. Do you understand now? Agenda 2030 means to eliminate Whites from the face of the Earth not only for that reason but out of sheer racial hatred and “religious” hatred and envy as we discuss in Chat Session 3 with Chris Dorsey.

There are only two types of people in the world. The moral and the immoral. The "Good” and the wicked. Those that stand upright and in Truth and those whose nature it is to deceive. Know them by their works. This is a battle between Objective Reality and Extreme Subjectivism. You cannot prevail over extreme subjectivism using that same practice. You can only prevail by living in Truth and true to the values handed down to us by the Ancient Europeans whose debt we are in for our very existence. They made it through thick and thin in order for us to be here in this, the fight of our lives against Globalism and Zionism, and those that wish to eliminate us. The values that we still hold onto through Christianity, through European cultures, and inherently through moral individuals will see us through. They always have. Hold people to a higher standard but do not take the part of enemy.

If you stand against White racial cohesion, then you are an enemy of Whites. If you stand against White Christians living up to their values at a time when the entire Zionist system is flexing its might against White Christians, attacking and targeting White Christians as Christian Nationalists, then you are an enemy too.

Under Christianity there IS White racial cohesion. The enemy knows this.

How do “good” people stop Agenda 2030?

Let’s get some answers.

Chat Session 3 - Chris Dorsey (Part 1)


Chris Dorsey has been exposing and documenting the crimes of the institutions that control government for over 20 years. He is an independent journalist, radio host, human and civil rights activist, economist, geopolitical commentator, legal scholar, writer and the commander of the Virginia Militia. He is a staunch critic of Zionism and organized Jewry. In his work, he addresses complex issues such as international banking, corporate government treason, drug trafficking, human and animal exploitation, gun control, poverty, censorship of the press and much more. Chris Dorsey regularly appears on national and international television including Press TV and Al Alam TV and his work has been featured in the Washington Post, Richmond Free Press, Richmond Times Dispatch, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, the Associated Press, InfoWars, and many more. He currently lives and works in Richmond, VA.

Chris Dorsey is an expert on the Occult and the hidden agenda of the clandestine totalitarian one world government known as the New World Order. He fights for ever decreasing God given rights, and God's natural law. He is the Monarch of the People of God, which is the posterity of the American Founding stock.

The unique aptitude graced upon the people of God and the Royal Ka lies exclusively in our ability to rule over government with a sacred calling to maintain justice, harmony, and peace.


The People of God Church, also known as the Christian Church (the body of the people), is the only legitimate ruling authority among man. Our jurisdiction supersedes every institution, nation, military, or imposter religious cult. All statements made by the People of God are lawfully binding from the highest Royal bloodline authority; we descend from the Biblical kings, including the King of Kings. We have standing to reign over political authority on earth through our unique knowledge, experience and action (blood and deed). We the Royal House of America claim supreme authority through divine right over all beings and things recompense.  


The People of God: The Destiny of America and Reclamation of the Soul, Author Chris Dorsey

Book Reviews

“It all starts to make sense now that the war on Christianity is in full swing.”

“Christianity is under attack rendering the information provided by the author of “People of God” utterly insightful. The powers that be operate under the premise of already knowing what our roots are and have already begun their mission to dismantle the West by any and all means, including using financial and medical tyranny, even through their contrived wars.”
“Excellent resource for the novice and the adept that offers insight into the elementals of who, what, where, when, why, and how regarding the strange global and geopolitical events occurring in our modern times, including why it is a concerted effort and most importantly by whom. The author provides occulted knowledge regarding Christianity and the "People of God" referring to the Christian Church, Church of course meaning the body of the people. We hear lots about “Christian Nationalism” these days. This book is a real eye opener even for those keyed into the Tikkun Olam agenda being perpetrated upon Western Civilization under the guise of Jewish generosity because the perpetrators of Tikkun Olam believe and/or know exactly what Chris Dorsey conveys in this book, and they are acting upon it.”

“The American people are on Notice by our own gov and the power structure that sits behind it (corporations) and pushes racism toward Whites and Christians treating these two as the same thing. Maybe the power structure knows something we don’t. White and Christian is synonymous because it was always more than just a religion. It was always our way of life whatever they called it at the time and throughout history the same values and ideas prevailed. Truth, Justice, and (now) the American way that they are trying to destroy.”

The People of God: The Destiny of America And the Reunification of the Soul Paperback – December 22, 2021

Why is there so much senseless suffering and destruction among God’s creation that was made perfect? If you have ever found yourself asking this question, then keep reading….

The People of God: The Destiny of America and the Reunification of the Soul provides the gold and silver keys to restore civil society and realign mankind with the law of nature and deity.

This is because this book is a sacred writ and the Holy Law Book of the true descendants of the Biblical Israelites during the time of Revelation and the transition into the Aquarian Age. Are you someone that is worried about what the future holds?

Are you in search of the truth in a world of lies?

Do you wish to see humanity begin fulfilling its God given duty of protecting the planet instead of destroying it, especially when it comes to protecting animals?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have found like minded individuals among the humble professors of the People of God Church.

And through our sacred writ and Holy Law Book, The Creator of All Things has allowed us to provide to those who hearts long to reunite with deity a Christian Psychological/Spiritual Dissertation for Uplifting and Awakening.

While this is a sacred Christian writ, it is NOT meant to be read only by a Christian audience.

This sacred text also serves as an initiation into the deeper occult mysteries of Christianity, the Bible, Freemasonry, the Lost Tribes of Israel, numerology, astrology, astro-theology, Gnosticism, the Egyptian Mystery School, and the Royal Bloodlines of Europe. When reading this sacred writ and Holy Law Book you will learn:

  • Why the current state of the world is so destructive.

  • The identities of the individuals and institutions most responsible for the destruction of the planet.

  • The truth about the relationship between government and the people and why ALL current world governments are engaged in treason (war against the people).

  • About the one sin banned in the Bible and Quran that has led to the current hellish state of the planet.

  • And what you can do to put an end to the senseless pillaging and destruction of living Mother Earth.

“In this age of great deception, the truth about world events is becoming more and more difficult to find. The unique aptitude graced upon the people of God and the Royal Ka lies exclusively in our ability to rule over government with a sacred calling to maintain justice, harmony, and peace. Speaking the truth is becoming increasingly dangerous. If you have been searching for a community of people devoted to preserving God’s creation you have found your home.”

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” (Matthew 7:7 KJV)

If you are ready to take the next steps to restore civil society and reunite mankind with nature and deity, SCROLL UP AND CLICK ADD TO CART! Time is of the essence because no one knows the day nor the hour of the coming of the Son of Man. And it is our sacred duty as the People of God to be at the ready as we work to build God’s Kingdom on Earth.

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The full interview with Chris Dorsey is a two part video made available below together with two additional videos of Chris Dorsey showcasing his long-standing struggle against the global criminal syndicate that controls our governments and societies primarily through international banking.

Full Interview Below.

Chat Session 3, Part 1.

Chat Session 3, Part 2

Chris Dorsey over 10 years ago, “Government is Fraud Manifested”.

"Government is Fraud Manifested"

January 7, 2014 at 8:40pm

Transcript of the (above) video.

The United States Government is controlled by an International Banking Cartel through creating money/debt from nothing and charging the public interest. This practice violates Article I section 8, Article I section 10, Article III section 3, Article IV section 4, and Article VI of US Constitution. In the United States the Federal Reserve Bank is the privately owned foreign controlled institution that lends money to government and enslaves the people through taxes, bonds, and interest this practice is known as usury. The Federal Reserve Bank takes orders from the Bank for International Settlements located in Basel Switzerland.

The BIS is the central bank of the central banks and controls nearly every nation on the planet through Basel III or the Third Basel Accord. Because a foreign bank controls the money supply and therefore every aspect of the government American sovereignty and law is violated. The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land and all government officials swear an oath to uphold the founding document of our country, therefore every official in this country is violating their oath of office. There is a Roman Maxim that states "Those who make the law must obey the law", unfortunately the basis of our current system contradicts the law.

In fact, US and Virginia Government officials serve a cabal of bankers and are not magistrates of the people. There is no lawful or legal standing for the US and Virginia Government in its current form. Taxes as well as enforcement of the unlawful statutes put in place by fraudulent actors engaged in dishonor to their oath are null and void.

On February 1, two Israeli dual citizens will take the reins at the Federal Reserve they will replace another Ben Shalom Bernanke. These bankers enslave the public, finance all sides of all wars, and planetary destruction True American Patriots will never forget the Israeli attacks on the USS Liberty or the Mossad/Federal Reserve directed false flag attacks of 9/11 or the creation and spreading of nuclear weapons.

The Zionist international banking cartel is the organized criminal network that controls the planet. It is time to bring this tyranny to an end. We will be at the Richmond Federal Reserve Bank on February 1 at 1 pm for an Open Carry Rally, Americans are meeting now to discuss plans to abolish the unlawful institutions that control government through simple law enforcement and public outreach.

Stop paying unlawful taxes and work to end the tyranny.

REPUDIATION OF USURY, the People of God Explained, Historic Background 9 OCTOBER 2020, CHRIS DORSEY

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