"Don't You Understand? They Want Your Kids You Stupid C*nts".

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

By Anonymous

Phil Murphy's DOE just added anal sex to New Jersey's 8th grade public school curriculum (shorenewsnetwork.com)

Texas School District Implements Pornographic Sex Education Policy by Todd Starnes (townhall.com)

In less than 50 yrs, society went from calling homosexuality a mental disorder to children twerking at pride parades for grown men. Teenagers are being encouraged to Transition without parental consent if they feel a little bit different. First graders are being taught the wonders of "butt stuff" in sex education classes in our school systems.

Despite the repeated disclaimers that the LGBT community does NOT TARGET children with their propaganda, they continue, in fact, to TARGET children with their propaganda.

Remember, this all started with wanting "Equality". Imagine the "Progress" that will come in about 50 years from now. By then "They" will have achieved their long sought after goal of sexual 'free reign' over your children.

Look how trendy and tolerant we are, now keep consuming product. - every corporation during pride month.

Note to Reader: I was out with a realtor a couple weeks ago and her son (aged 7 or 8) tagged along. At the end of the visit, he asked his mom if he could tell me about this funny video he saw on YouTube. She finally relented. He sang the song from the video to me, "Put It In Your Butt". M'kay? She laughed along with him. All I said was, "They're after your kids. Don't you understand, you stupid cunt?"

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