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"Fuck You WEF and World's 'Elite'. Parasiten!"

News Satirist Damon Imani has captured the sentiment of the people of the world, and especially, the American people, as he tells the Globalists attempting to subjugate the West into eating bugs, submitting to freezing Winters with no natural gas or other carbon resources, pretending that there are natural occurring "pandemics" rather than psychopath administrated global schemes for domination, and miscegenating (yes, I made up a word) their children so that they can be easily controlled by these looneys since they will inherently have identity issues, Imani unceremoniously tells Globalists to "go fuck themselves!"

Couldn't have said it better myself. Bravo!

For those just awaking to what is happening in the world as of late, finally realizing that it is all a concerted effort (the pandemic, vaccines, the phony medical/healthcare system - think universal/socialized healthcare, the LGBTQ Agenda, the Transgender Agenda, "Feminism", the flooding of our borders and the Texas showdown in particular, pedophilia/grooming children in schools for all of the above AND conducted with the blessing and assistance of your own governments and other mega corporations and our own so-called leaders and Court systems on the behalf of Globalist schitzos that have wrangled control over Western Civilization through the Financial Usury System that most refer to as "Capitalism", we are being genocided by psychopathic dweebs consisting of the world's elite/Globalists and headed up most recently by organizations like the WEF that is at the helm controlling most everything. What is the World Economic Forum? Look into it. The WEF hands out the dictates for the anointed ones, its controllers and the world marches to its orders since they have the system locked down under their advisements.

I like Damon Imani's energy, effort, and creativity in calling out the Globalist psychopaths in his videos. I'm very happy to show support to individuals fighting the ominous powers marching the world toward trans humanism and ultimately the destruction of humanity.

What a time to be alive, folks.

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