Genetic Bioweaponry Is Being Used To Reduce The Population, But Eliminate White People Altogether

The doctor in the video below is absolutely right. A genocide is looming. The elites seek to reduce the world's population, but they want to eliminate White/European descent people altogether in the process of this worldwide transition. Doesn't matter what "They" call it. "The Great Reset" or the "New World Order" - terms taken right from the mouths of the culprits themselves. What "They" mean to say using these terms is that They're ushering in a new Root Race. A New Age.

Remember, everything runs downstream of the occult.

A Root Race is a civilization-wide culture rooted in a genetic stock. ALL Root Races have been "European"/Aryan stock derived, each one stemming from an earlier iteration; Lemurian, Hyperborea, Atlantean. The powers that be are warring upon European descent peoples in particular because they are the genetic Root Race that has the capacity to undo them. You see the campaigning against White people all over media, t.v., advertising, etc. It is now openly discussed and policy in Western countries to take measures to reduce the White/European descent populations via bias economic and social programs based on deceptive "equality" and even worse "equity" policies but particularly through Third World immigration/inundation. The White population in the U.S. was put on notice earlier this year by the presidential figurehead himself.

"Whites in America will be a minority in this country by 2040", Biden stated. It is not a foregone conclusion but instead what they are rigorously working to accomplish with their loads of money, power, and influence. These are evil people with black hearts, tremendous power and wealth. Whites are being phased out (genocided) in order to usher in the new Root Race. It's not in your head.

The powers that be have to make Europeans the minorities in their own ancestral lands and countries so that the next measures that will be implemented can take place. However, the companion measures taken thus far by our psychotic elites, namely genetic bio-warfare on world citizenry (the "Pandemic"), have been effective enough since the push for "vaccinations" began because the results leave no question as to what is occurring.

The Genetic Bioweaponry Industry has unleashed a variant specific malady upon the world where the so-called "vaccinated" are the patient zeros. Millions of patient zeros with artificially compromised immune systems shedding proteins that may have the ability to infect those that come into contact with them.

"Given the fact that the "vaccine" vials that get delivered have a small number attached to them that is related to your vaccination in the database and they are only allowed to administer that vial on a specific appointment and are directed to return the vial if unused, questions arise as to why they would go through all of these hoops and not just deliver a batch of unmarked vials that can be used on anyone. Why are they assigning every single vial to specific people? There is no logic in this unless the vials do not contain the same substance."

Leaders of countries are realizing that something insidious is in fact occurring and The Great Reset and/or New World Order is now common knowledge. However, it gets worse. These crazy elites not only want to reduce the world's population but They specifically seek to eliminate White/European descent peoples altogether in the process.

"They" have rammed through U.N. Agenda 21 in the past 18 months or so. Now, we're in the Agenda 2030 phase. Blatant targeting of "White" populations [pay attention to what is happening to Australians] and the gene modifying "jab" campaign to instigate an actual variant pandemic. The power elite are Architects of Fear.

In a nutshell, they want to reduce the population of the world on a whole but they seek to eliminate White (European descent) people altogether in the process of ushering in the new Root Race. They do not want any sizable European population to contend with in the even more dystopic future that we are all being lead towards.


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The Kick Them All Out Project

August 28, 2021

Dr. Michael McDowell is a Christian leader who is speaking out and exposing the reality we are up against. He covers everything from the reality of the deadly covert genetic bioweapons industry as the backdrop, SARS-CoV-2 design and function as he "follows the science" behind global and local trends we see unfolding before your very eyes, culminating in the rollout of the real bio-weapon, the gene tampering jabs!

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