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Genocide: The Jews Are Going Medieval on the Palestinians

Note to Reader: Being labeled ‘Anti-Semitic’ is an accolade in our times that denotes you possess a moral compass and have stood tall for what is good and right. Stand against the genocide of the civilian population of Palestine because in doing so you stand against your own eventual demise (genocide) at the hands of this same overbearing Zionist apparatus that controls Western nations. The Jews have declared that the moral people of the world can “go expletive themselves”. Let us stand tall together and say,

“Right back at you”.


Israeli Minister of Social Equality & Women's Advancement celebrates the destruction of Gaza:

"I am personally proud of the ruins of Gaza, and that every baby, even 80 years from now, will tell their grandchildren what the Jews did."

Jews do not operate and/or conduct themselves as Whites do. I refer to Whites meaning the body of the People, not the de facto U.S. government. Jews conduct themselves in the U.S., Europe, and any of our occupied sister nations of the West as if they are separate, distinct, and superior to non-Jews. Jews in the West possess the systemic power to turn the consensus of Western nations against the very indigenous European populations of those nation.

Jews do not share our civilizational values, not religiously nor otherwise. After generations of this or that peace accord and this or that institution having been implemented to ensure peace and humanity after the ruse/sham so-called "victory" of WW2, the communists that prevailed with the financing of American Jews and the banking system, intended that only White nations abide by these agreed upon ideals. Not Jews. Not Israel. Just the goyim. The Jews require that White Western Civilization stand down as they systematically conduct the genocide of a defenseless civilian population and we are powerless in the mighty West to do anything.

Keep in mind, that these Jews have the same plans for Whites that they are implementing against the civilians of Palestine.

As Whites keyed into Agenda 2030, if we allow the genocide of Palestinians, then we are setting ourselves and/or our descendants up for the same genocidal operation(s) and tactics being utilized against the Palestinian civilian population. It is that simple.

Whites do not possess "systemic" power in their own nations but we possess an inherent moral authority still. The on-going genocide of Palestinians is proof of that fact the government of the U.S. is in the hands of psychopaths. No moral son or daughter of the West with inherent moral authority intact would permit the targeting of a civilian population let alone a systematic genocide, which is what we are witnessing. These are not our values. The West is not in the hands of the sons and daughters of Europe. The power of the West lies in the treacherous, money grubbing hands of Jews in the heights of social and economic power.

The manner in which Jews conduct themselves in juxtaposition to non-Jews is a scorched earth policy of , "fuck you" and "fuck your children". Literally. However, the tide is changing due to the Jews own hubris and miscalculations regarding the moral compass of the White/European descent peoples of the West and the people of the world at-large witnessing the barbarous and soulless bombing and systematic genocide of the civilians in Palestine. The veil has been lifted by the Jews themselves. These are a blood-thirsty kind.

A casualty that many Whites do not consider is that because of the activities of Jews in Israel, a general consensus is that Palestinian people hate Whites as well. After generations of being persecuted by Jews that mobilized out from European nations where they have enjoyed control, and flooded into Israel, Palestinians as well as most non-Whites overall believe Jews to be White. Jews are not White.

Let the deeds of Jews fall on their own heads and not on the heads of Whites.

This woman appears to be "White" racially. She is not. She is Jewish. Notwithstanding the fact that non-Whites do not distinguish such detail, we point this out nonetheless because the sins of the Jews will be visited on we White/Europeans (as intended) if this distinction is not addressed and because Jews intentionally masquerade as Whites. It is one of the intrinsic byproducts of Jewish activities.

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