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Grandmother Stares Down the State - Imprisonment Reveals that the "Holocaust" Never Happened

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

"The Holocaust Never Happened"

This is the lovely woman who "radicalized" a generation against the Holocaust lie. The imprisonment of Ursula Haverbeck set off a domino effect of public interest that ultimately revealed that the "Holocaust Narrative" is solely a State sanctioned lie. Ms. Haverbeck was charged with "Holocaust Denial" and imprisoned on these charges on multiple occasions over the past several years each instance instigating interest into the matter and questions by the public (mostly younger generations) as to the State's interest in such a matter. Holocaust Denial is a crime against the State in more Western nations than not.

Each occurrence of charges instituted by the State against this elderly woman for "Holocaust Denial" peaked the public's interest. Each occurrence of imprisonment of Ms. Haverbeck for simply not agreeing with and/or for questioning the State's Holocaust narrative sparked public outrage and built a momentum of interest into the matter causing millions of people globally to question the official Holocaust narrative. The conclusion being that the holocaust never happened and that it was at the start simply a Soviet lie. In our modern times, "the Holocaust" is a lie that looms over all of Western Civilization and is used to browbeat and coerce nations into ideological submission.

We owe an eternal debt of gratitude to Ms. Haverbeck for her dedication to truth in a world of lies and deceptions. The State's relentless war against 94-year-old Ursula Haverbeck, robbing her of her Twighlight years has alerted millions to who rules over us. Thank you Ms. Haverbeck for your love of Truth!

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