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Handsome Truth: Pranking The 'Powers That Be'

Updated: Apr 1

There is one thing that we can be sure of and that is that those possessing the highest levels of actual systemic power have THE most fragile egos.

They are blatant liars, deceivers, and subversives yet regular working class people, spanning centrists, conservatives, and in particular Jews (those who do not sit at the various levels of systemic power) overall act as a vanguard for the system providing social and economic support thereby shielding the system from substantive criticism before any meaningful measures can take place that would enable our nation to fend off the destructive policies and covert operations conducted by the psychopathic governing apparatus, including intelligence agencies (think those implementing Agenda 2030) and those running the show.

Case in point. The Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse event that will no doubt be used to sell "supply chain shortage issues" over the coming months and possibly years.

One singular event effectively and convincingly lays the groundwork for the reduction of food and necessities on the shelves available to the American people. "You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet" is the governing apparatus' motto. We the People are our own worst enemies in that we have propped up a thoroughly corrupt corporo-cratic system (not Democratic) and turned a blind eye to the deeds of the obvious culprits (there's a paper trail). Americans are utterly unwise to their own impending peril as they fight for every false "human right" except for their own natural right to exist.

See subversive in Chief, Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL calling Leftists Anti-Semitic.

It is undeniable that subversive organizations like the ADL and JDL infamously pretend to extend protections to regular people for their unwavering support, both financial and social credit support, that Jewish culture affords as if the culture itself is geared for this purpose and not only designed to affect and manipulate Jews to work toward the interest of the system, of course, but anyone that willingly partakes in the construct. Meanwhile, those legal protections (think hate speech laws, censorship) only serve to the protect the system itself which declares that it is not "Jewish", not Zionist in character all the while masking itself in every hallmark.

Irl activism.

People have a right to their likes and dislikes but what we are discussing herein are those that possess global might and wield it against the rest of us - regular Jews or Gentiles AND work subversively to manifest their goals. There is no doubt that when talking censorship that means Jewish censorship. After all, who do you think sits at the helm of these corporations and organizations working to silence dissent and detractors? The U.S. has not had a non-Zionist president since FDR. Some will say JFK but we all know what happened after JFK took on the first Prime Minister of Israel

Let's not forget CyberPolygon. Look into it and you be the judge.

It is only right that those with actual systemic power, that those unfathomably subversive and wicked, not only be called out on their misdeeds but be openly ridiculed for their unmistakably audacious hubris.

Handsome Truth is at the 'top of the food chain' when it comes to pranking the political interests destroying America. HT addresses with humor every single dismal topic our nation (and civilization) is facing and targets every single pompous culprit organization and/or interest responsible. He does so with an uproariously laugh-out-loud humor reminiscent of the Jerky Boys from the 1990's. Probably, one of the last good decades we enjoyed before the Globalist/Zionist psychopaths sped up their One World Government domination plan, Agenda 21. Handsome Truth hits every level of the corporate run, geopolitical hierarchy with the irreverence it deserves.

Handsome Truth may not be the hero that you wanted but he is targeting the psychopaths with a level of backbone and dare I say chutzpah seen nowhere else. Some say that alone is proof that Handsome Truth is a FED working to give credence to the system's longer term Noahide Law plan that requires the enacting of more and more hate speech laws and censorship measures. Anyone keyed into the ongoing Zionist/Globalist Noahide Law scheme knows that the Zionist controlled U.S. government intends to enact hate speech laws as a bottom line, ostensibly designed to protect the abundantly powerful system against mean words but really due to something so much worse that is planned down the pipeline. Again, Noahide Laws.

The reality is that Noahide Laws are coming to the U.S. because those with systemic power want the rest of us living under their thumbs. The governing apparatus, these "elites", view us as sub-Human (niggers) and Noahide Laws permit for a system where this subject is front and center. It is the crux of their new system. You are goy. Cattle. Niggers. They are "g-d's" chosen. They want a world where this fact is acknowledged. The system will use whatever pretenses work, more often as we have observed they create pretenses (like the bridge event) in order to effectuate their intended goals.

Does this mean we shouldn't call these bully, psychopaths out? Of course not.

We are just taking note. Just watch who comes out against HT and what they do. We've been through this before. Who would care about a niche prankster other than those that seek a tight grip on the narrative of an entire nation's society? The desire for control stems from their evil intent against this nation.

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