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How Have You Been So Aptly Undone? There's Nothing New Under The Sun.

Below is a short list of Israeli and Jewish Refugee NGO's (non-governmental organizations) that actively work to dismantle and destroy Western Civilization. None of these organizations settle refugees inside of Israel. You'd think that would be a huge Red Flag for Westerners. This list is not complete or even comprehensive, but it gives you an idea of how much Israel is involved in the calamity of globalization (global migration) and how interested they are in moving third world people into Europe in order to demographically change her forever.

When you look back through the accounts of history you see the constant moving around of people. Conflicts deliberately created by the invisible hand ("They"). Germans and Slavs alone pushed upon each other for many centuries. Bloody wars killing tens of millions (referencing the religious war(s) that lasted Thirty Years in the 1600's). If you can tell me what war that was, I will feature an article showcasing your preferred subject. If you cannot perform even the most basic of research or even better extrapolate from the information provided to you the answer, please immediately unsubscribe.




United Project


Tevel B'Tzedek

Hashomer Hatzair

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

American Jewish World Service

B'nai B'rith

Committee for Jewish Refugees (Netherlands)


Ezras Torah Fund

German Jewish Children's Aid

Hebrew Emigrant Aid Society

International Auschwitz Committee

International concentration camp committees

Jewish Agency for Israel

Jewish Colonization Association

Jewish Council for Racial Equality

Jewish Transmigration Bureau

Jewish United Fund

Michael Cherney Foundation

National Refugee Service

United Service for New Americans

Vaad Hatzalah

World Jewish Relief

How have you been so aptly undone? There's nothing new under the Sun.

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