The Extraction Of Consent By Any Means Necessary

The powers that be that intend to lead this nation to a state of utter depravity and moral turpitude by manipulating popular culture through movies, music, video games, etc., utilizing corporate leverage, the power of the institutions of our society, and by any means necessary in order to extract consent for their vision of the future of humanity. Spoiler Alert, there will be no humanity. The Left is still forced to operate under the constraints of a yet civilized society. They continuously work to strip away any character of the veneer of morality that remains, continually pushing the envelope. Continually pushing good people and testing you to see how far they can push you and how much you will tolerate.

They operate in the field of the blatant subversion of free will.

When we discuss the extraction of consent and the efforts by this mal-influence to manufacture the same and how they continually push this proverbial envelope (meaning you, especially since the legalization of "gay" marriage in 2014), we have to understand that the end goal of what we are observing from the Left is unconstrained depravity. This is the ultimate goal. Think Baal worship.

As bad as it now appears in society, the Left is still confined to the constraints of the consensus of the people. Can you imagine what society will be once the pesky light of morality has been snuffed out?

In old Slavic folklore, the Left was always equated with evil. That was always the warning of those stories. The "Left" (think evil) wants your consent to bring forth from the depths of a largely forgotten space in time and human history, an utterly savage mankind bound to all manner of filth, depravity, and putridity, including human sacrifice, cannibalism, ritual torture, and levels of sexual deviancy (especially regarding children) that you good and decent people could never in your minds conceive. They want to render you helpless against the pit [of immorality] and feast on your fear, and your pain, and your suffering, and that of your children, for all-time having made it the societal norm.

All of those things that now hide in the shadows of society will be the accepted norms and you moral and decent human beings will be pushed into those same shadows. That is the phase we are in now. That is why it is imperative that we speak up and speak out and fight like our lives depend on it. Because it is even worse than that. It is the lives of our children at stake.

If you only knew how bad it really is.


2) The Weimar Republic: The Blueprint for Weimerica

By Robert Orlov

I see the Weimerica posts all the time, and I get it. I know we're headed there, but we're not there completely. I don't think people really realize how bad the Weimar Republic was.

The depravity was at levels all the sick people here wish to achieve. Literal child prostitution openly in the streets, and children being pimped out by businesses, transsexuals turning kids trans everywhere, even wealthy women and men were prostituting themselves out. Drugs were flooding the streets, completely legal. Starvation, unemployment, hyperinflation, the money was literally useless for anything other than children's toys. Organized crime, violence, plagued the Weimar Republic.

I know the United States is headed here. However, comparing America now to what the Germans had to endure then is selfish and ignorant of history. The Weimar Republic is the blueprint. None of the things we see today are new. There's nothing new under the sun. The same people are leading the charge. They are feeding us little bits of all these things little by little, normalizing, every now and then, something a little more outrageous, so you forget about the past.

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