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Insights By Leif Erickson: Don't live in your root chakra

Updated: Apr 16

Have you ever stopped and considered for a moment the sheer amount of "music" that you've had to suffer through with direct and forceful vocal commands demanding that you "shake your ass." Why is the system so concerned about what you do with your backside and how you do it and who you do it with?

Well the easiest way to control a person is to grab them by the root. This was nothing more than infiltration and subversion of your base chakra. It flew completely under the radar without criticism cuz 95% of the time the "ass orders" came in the form of "cool and hip ethnic music." (more often than not containing an overdose of genital stimulating bass sounds).

You can't criticize that right? What are you a fucking white supremacist? Why would you want to listen to music that stimulates the higher aspects of your spiritual being? You heard the voice in the speaker. It's demanding that you shake your ass so fucking shake it you slave! Yeah you like that don't you you fucking animal? Show everybody how cheap and worthless your body is. It's empowering!

(And now we're all wearing the gimp gag over our face so I guess the ritual is complete)

The Hindus have this energy field conceptualization of the human body. These are areas where extremely consequential biological activity is occurring. Areas of the body where considerable amounts of blood and nerve endings form an intermingling Nexus. The root chakra is associated with sexual urges, defecation, grounding. It's the most animalistic of all the chakras.

There is nothing particularly wrong with engaging it of course but you don't want your energetic flow to stop there. People that live through their root chakra are are also the people that live through the lower reptilian portions of their brain. You really don't want a society that is constantly obsessed with the biological functions of the ass and genitalia and nothing more.

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