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Jewish Financiers Won WW2

Communist Russia would have been destroyed by "Big H" (Adolf Hitler) had not the Zionist controlled U.S. and Britain been coaxed to intervene in order to prevent the same.

Instead, 25 million Europeans were killed, realistically they were murdered in that suicidal war. All part of the plan. The Communists that now occupy the nations of Western Civilization by and through subversives working toward "Globalism", "Atlanticism", and Climate Change are in the process of genociding the remaining population(s) of White/European descent peoples of the West through soft suicide "governing" policies and social equity policies designed to harm through exclusion, solely White people.

Some of these policies include mass immigration from racially and culturally divergent corners of the world to the West, the promotion of miscegenation in advertisements and postings issued by governments themselves such as "how to date a Swedish woman" featuring a dark skinned male individual and a White skinned woman. Not to mention corporate retailers that push miscegenated families as policy. How about the policy of White hatred promoted on social media by armies of trolls out of Israel and federal agencies of the U.S., and from the White House itself that declared its mission to reduce the population of Whites, or by instituting bizarre social and economic advancement policy that expressly exclude Whites and/or are designed to solely harm Whites by exclusion or otherwise such as Hate Crimes and Hate Speech laws where given the same set of factors a White victim is given no additional recourse against racially motivated crimes and assaults.

Whites have been denied, through social and legislative policy, the protection of group identity and therefore White peoples are unable to enjoy any realistic sense of individualism. Globalism is the antithesis of individualism.

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