• Németh Debs

Leftist Ted Lieu Proclaims, "You Can't Stop The Great Replacement".

It's supposed to be a mere theory. However, we know the ugly truth and so do the Leftists. The Great Replacement is fully underway. We have awakened to find ourselves sliding down a racial, ethnic, cultural, and economic decline managed by Globalists and Leftists and applauded by likes of Ted Lieu an immigrant given the hospitality of our America. Now he goads one of Liberty's sons about replacing him. This is not a drill. Leftists are deliberately overrunning this country with all manner of third world immigrants. The immigration numbers are staggering.

There are barely any opportunities for us and they want to have us fight each other for what remains. Doesn't matter if you are Black or White or whatever. There is not meant to be anything for us anymore. The favoring of Black people by these elites is gonna be very short lived. That's only part of the short term plan. They mean to overrun us. I'm telling you. I don't know about you guys but that's not happening without a fight. Not on my watch. Each generation as been vested with the duty of preserving and passing on the legacy of all that it is to be us.

Good or bad. It's ours. This is our fight. Every one of us. Please be advised this is a managed decline and we have to figure out not only how to fight it but ultimately we have to start thinking about how we can survive it.

As fellow Americans we can fight with each other, but when those that are not of us fuck with us, we all have to rise together. That's street rules. It's street rules now. We call each other every name in the book and laugh at each other, racist, homophobe, sexist who cares. We can fight like cats and dogs but nobody comes on our block and fucks with us. Street rules. M'kay?

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