Look At Any Statistic From Any Year, Inter-Racial Crime Is Majority Black On White Crime

By Matt Jacob

Someone I know recently lost their father. Their father was robbed and murdered.

And this is one example of a larger problem in the US and also an example of the bias in the media, as both the media, and government, have an anti-white agenda.

The father who was killed was white.

He was traveling though a black neighborhood and that is where they found him and his vehicle.

However, there is next to no media coverage about this, perhaps nothing actually.

I googled murder and the city that this occurred in.

And what pops up? 100 articles pertaining to one incident where a supposed white cop shot a black criminal. That's the narrative the media pushes. Cops bad. Whites bad. Blacks victims. None of which is true.

Sifting through those articles, there were many many other articles of blacks killing each other in the same city. But those incidents seemed to get a lone or maybe a few articles about it.

Why isn't there national media coverage that blacks hate blacks because they kill themselves so much? Why isn't BLM trying to fix the problems they have in their own communities? Instead BLM just wants to transport those problems out to white communities, where there is vastly less violence in general.

The family member said that they went to the neighborhood to try and find cameras and naturally, nobody was willing to help them.....

Inter-racial crime is far and away majority black on white crime. Any statistic from any year you look at proves this.

But the media, run by anti-white racists, only want to push the narrative that whites are bad, white cops are bad, white men are bad, Trump supporters are domestic terrorists. Obviously none of this is true.

There is an anti-white agenda and a narrative being pushed here and white people better wake up real fast to the realities that are happening because nothing is going away, nothing is going back to normal, and the psychopaths that control our government and media will be fanning the flames even more as we move forward as that is what they want.

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