The Western Chauvinist

"With no protesters in sight a mob of police in Melbourne march down the street solely to frighten and abuse normal citizens going about their day. You cannot even walk down the street without a gang of these pigs swarming you in Melbourne. It's time for citizens to stop acting like you're in a protest, and start acting like you're in a war."

"Impassioned pleas of Australian citizens falling on the deaf ears of the system pigs. This is why peaceful protest will not work. They've already squared it with themselves that they will do anything for a paycheck. The only option Australians are left with is to make the price of enforcing tyranny higher than what the system pigs are being paid."

Military Deployed in Melbourne?!?

Australian anti-tyranny protesters are peacefully holding ground at the shrine of remembrance, a war memorial in honor of the soldiers who fought in WW1. The system pigs are there as well, whatever happens will be seen live by at least 50,000 people on just this one stream.

System pigs storming the war memorial in Melbourne Australia, what a joke. They attack the citizens they signed on to protect.

Disgusting cowards opening fire at peaceful protests sitting at a war memorial. This is why peaceful protests do not work, the system pigs have already admitted they are doing this for the paycheck. Until they experience consequences that make them fear the people more than they like the paychecks, they will not stop.

Overhead view of System pigs pushing back Australian anti-tyranny protesters. If the pigs are going to start shooting citizens with rubber bullets, the protesters need to start bringing shields like Americans do.

The pathetic shills that run the unions are working in league with the system, and are therefore afforded protection by the police force. What a joke it is when groups that are supposed to keep us safe, and advocate for our interests; work against us and with our enemies.

System pigs grab young Australian mother. They attempt to block the incident from being filmed, as the mothers young child screams. We are glad that Aussies are done with peaceful protests, they only make you as victim of the system; or make you completely ineffective against them.

System pigs possibly sending in undercover pics and agent provocateurs.

System going full totalitarian on live streamers and anyone recording.

Normal Australian citizens who have been inspired by the construction workers protesting, now joining in. This is truly an uprising of the people against the system.

Melbourne Australia anti-tyranny protesters running as system pigs shoot rubber bullets at them.

The anti-tyranny protesters say "we don't negotiate with terrorists"

System pigs opening fire on anti-tyranny protesters at the shrine of remembrance in Melbourne.

Australian system pigs show up to a man's house to make sure he has no plans to go out and protest their tyranny. This is the closest a White western nation has come to a Jewish-Bolshevik society possibly ever.

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