Media Blackout Of Freedom March: Lawrence Fox's Anti-Woke Campaign Against London Mayor Sadiq Khan

By S.W.

A son of Briton is in the running for Mayor of London against the current Anti-White, Anti-Native British, Mayor, Sadiq Khan. Just like the U.S., almost all British media is owned by huge transnational corporations and the media blackout of the Freedom March stems entirely from their desire to keep us locked down for their bottom line as many of these companies own huge shares of Amazon, Apple and Microsoft and are currently working with the elite cabal to destroy Britain and the West on a whole.

London is majority non-White and those who are White are staunch Leftist yuppies living in £3,000 a month studio flats drinking soy lattes and promoting Anti-White, Anti-Native British rhetoric. These White residents of London make up only approximately 45% of the population therein.

While the City of London is experiencing epidemic levels of violent crime, specifically knife crime, these City dwelling "White" Brits turn a blind eye to the actual cause of this spike in violent crime, which is rapid demographic change via immigration from third world countries. All the while people are being stabbed just down the road and they’ll tweet about how they love the diversity of the city. Their virtue signaling has been bolstered by current mayor, Sadiq Khan, who brushes off this epidemic of violence as being, "Part and parcel of living in a big city".

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