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Mel Gibson Has Decided To Hit The Heart Of The Globalist Agenda And New World Order, The Rothschilds

Attacks on Mel Gibson for the Rothschild movie.

Mel Gibson has decided to hit the heart of Zionism and the global agenda of the New World Order directing a film about the Rothschild family, a family of bankers that created the Zionist movement, the State of Israel and controls the banking sector and global organizations for 200 years creating debt money, so called Fiat Money or Fiat Money.

These Jewish bankers have indebted the entire world through organizations like the Bank of International Settlements and the World Bank, and through global organizations such as the United Nations, CFR, Bilderberg Group and the World Jewish Congress, take total control of the world.

Every single mention of the Rothschild family brings storms of anti-Semitism accusations and propagation of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, media around the world has already declared war on the filmmaker and wants to stop not only production of the film but punish Gibson himself.

Btw Gibson you are Great!!!

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