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The Israelis Right Now Are Scared To Death

Netanyahu Leading Israelis to Ground-Fight Slaughter by Hezbollah and Hamas. He has mobilized 360,000 reservists. The vast majority of those people did their 2.5 years military service. The Israeli Army is not very big. They have some units that are very capable specialized units. But the mainstay, the infantry units, they're not very good and become even less good by being pulled back from conventional combat duty to policing duties in the West Bank.

So, most of these reservists spent their time walking the streets of West Bank learning how to break the arms of ten year old children, how to rough up a 15 year old girl, and how to belly-shoot 60 year old men. That's what they did. Brutal occupation. It was horribly demoralizing for many of these people. They didn't like doing this and when they left the military, they didn't have a high regard for the military.

Now they're back. They're being called upon to do something that no one in Israel wants to do, go into Gaza. Why? Because in 2014 they went into Gaza and Hamas handed it to them. In 2006, they went up against Hezbollah and Hezbollah handed it to them.

The Israeli Army just isn't that good and they're scared to death because Hamas is waiting for them. This is one giant ambush and the Israeli intelligence is blind. They don't know where they are. They are gonna have to go in there and probe. As they probe, they are gonna be blown up, ambushed, slaughtered and they know this. The other thing that scares them is that once they go into Gaza they're gonna be committed to that battle with the bulk of their reserves. If at that time Hezbollah decides to open up the Northern front, Israel's got nothing left and even if they had something left, they can't beat Hezbollah. They can't beat Hezbollah. They know it. They've exercised it. Last year 'Chariots of Fire'. This year, 'Firm Hand'. Major exercises where Israel tested its ability to fight a conflict against Hamas in the West Bank and Hezbollah in the North. They can't do it. They don't have the resources to do it and you throw in Iran and they're definitely screws. So, America's stepping in and saying we'll flex our muscle in an effort to deter Hezbollah and Iran from striking and it's not working. Two aircraft carrier battle groups and an amphibious raiding group with 2,000 marines does not a war win.

Netanyahu is pushing for a war wherein Israelis will die en masse. Shame on Netanyahu and his government. As usual governments and politicians lie. Netanyahu told the Israeli people that he would protect them. He wants to use the Israeli reserves (360,000 people) in a way that is reminiscent of the slaughter of Normandy where brave American men were set down on the beaches to die by the war machine (bankers) to be mowed down by live fire and artillery. They were walked into enemy fire intentionally. What a travesty. This Mideast predicament is not unlike any other war scenario in modern times where it is the lives of regular people that are sacrificed by government, and they are happy to do it. After all, war means the generation of business and money. That's what people's lives are worth to the government apparatus. There are not as many degrees of separation between the nations of the world as people believe. Certainly not between the citizens of the nations of the world. The preeminent world system is a Usurious banking system that controls every aspects of our lives and manufactures wars to wipe out entire bloodlines and to turn a buck. War is big business.

Even the bloodlines in Israel are diminishing.

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