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Origins: How You/Ewe are Born/Borne into this World/Whirled - the wordplay here is mind blowing

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

By Mr. Wayne Pocklington - this information is very important though so I want to share it with people.

Origins: How You/Ewe are Born/Borne into this World/Whirled - the wordplay here is mind blowing

There will be lots of “nautical” references throughout with presentation, because it is im-port-ant for you to see/sea that you are lost at sea and your body is your vessel only (a captain is not his ship). Lets take a look from birth/berth.

When Neo from the ‘Matrix’ movie woke up from the Matrix, he was inside a battery, a “womb” or “i-Pod”. Which is why the tech company Apple chose the brand name i-pod, i-pad & i-phone to mock us about what reality truly is... When you purchase/pur-chase their products, you are giving them your currency/current-sea which in turn gives them even more power. Money/Mooney moves current-seas (currencies), as the Moon moves our current seas. Apple’s logo is of an Apple with a bite taken out, which is symbolic of the ‘apple that had a bite taken in the garden of eden’. The apple/fruit is to represent “knowledge” as once bitten (tasted this knowledge) hue-mans forever knew of both good (positive) & evil (negative) sealing (closing in a loop) our connection to TrueSelf. The true symbology of the ‘Apple’ and what it represents is the hue-man torus field.

Did you know that the Latin word for “Womb” is “Matrix”. The “Womb” is where our body/vessel (ship) is birthed or berthed. All ships find their berth when they reach the port or dock. Every-body (ship) is eventually brought into port and is then docked. This is why there is a doctor (docked-ore - phonetically) present/pre-sent at the hospital to deliver/de-liver the ship/vessel (body).

You are being de-livered by a ‘doct-or’ because you are ‘docked ore’. That is going to be mined (mind) for ‘jewels/joules’ (Power in/of your Mind). WE are the resource/Re-Source that is mined/mind for their jewels. Worthy of note is that the word “Gold” has dual meaning and any reference to Gold in the myths, legends, texts, etc is actually a reference to the Sun or the “Old God”. The word “Old” and “God” merged creates Gold!

When you are “berthed” you have reached the shore-line (shore/s-whore), of this reality and given ‘Liberty’ (Pledge of Allegiance; ... with liberty and justice for all.) You do not have Freedom and will never have freedom/free-dom in this realm/real-m, you have been given liberty only, which is a “short shore leave” from naval duty.

WE are also the “Whores of Babylon” because when we reach the shore we whore/prostitute ourselves/our-ELves for money/mooney and we babble-on (talk nonsense/non-sense - or confusion). I feel Eminem (M&M) worded this one crudely yet also intelligently in his song titled “Forgot about Dre” where Dre literally means “Man”, so we now have “Forgot about Man” here are some lyrics about babylon/babble-on (confusion/con-fuse-i-on) taken from the song “Forgot about Man”;

“Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say But nothin' comes out when they move they lips Just a buncha gibberish And muthaf**kas act like they forgot about Dre”

Meaning that “everyone talks like they have something to say but they just talk nonsense, they act like they forgot about who they are”. The tower of Babylon was about destroying OUR language and replacing it with theirs, making us the “Whores of Babylon”.

When do you actually make the connection to this Matrix system? You are connected through the Navel/Naval cord because you swam there as a seaman/sea’womb’an who reached the shore by way of sperm, or spurm called semen. All Naval crew are called “Seamen”.

A basic English synonym for “copulation” is “sexual congress” because all statues and acts written by congress are to do with the control of the battery energy/power that is created by the sexual congress between the male/mail and the fee-male/mail. The male de-livers the mail into the fee-mail for the price of post-age. It is delivered with post-age because every new berth have been given a military office that is called a post... before age. From your fathers post to your mothers mailbox. You are encouraged/en-cour-aged to procreate/pro-create via sexual copulation because this creates, friction which then creates ELectricity between two humans/hue-mans. You are also encouraged because to pro-create at this time, because it creates more Power which is needed for the Reset!

You are a human/hue-man, because you see in the electromagnetic spectrum only (visible light) which all carry their own wave-lengths and colour spectrums (rainbows). A “hue” is a colour or a shade of colour, this why we are called “hue-man be-ing lost in a sea of wave-lengths (frequencies).

You are also the Ore which is also Oar, because you need to “paddle” your way through this existence, which is a sea of electricity. We are lost in a Sea of Wave-lengths (wavelengths/frequencies). Doctors also use paddles to resuscitate someone who has had a cardiac arrest. The paddles send electric “currents” like the currents of the sea. Doctors also perform surgery/surge-ery because it is an electrical ‘surge’ in the vessel of the patient.

When you come into this reality you are said to be born (borne) into this world (whirled). The definition of the word “Borne” means “carried or transported by the thing specified”. When you translate the word “Borne” Spanish to English you’ll get the word “Terminal”. A terminal is a point of a connection to an electric current. This is why when we travel to and from airports and bus stations we arrive and depart at “Terminals”.

The word “borne” is also the past participle of the word “bear”, which is the reason why mothers are said to “bear children” - children that are borne, bare naked into this reality. By definition to “bear something” is to also take on the debts of another person. The debt is the price of Sin! The price that one pays to be born in “sin”, the Moon. This ties into the Sumerian Annunaki Lord known as Enki that said “The first things shall be the last things”. We are born in Sin (Moon) and we all die in Sin. This is why we try to pay our debt/sin with money (Moon-ey). Others have come very close with this one calling it the “Moon Matrix”, in fact this particular author/speaker has been so close, on so many occasions but tailed off from any true meaning and purpose that I feel he has proved he is working to feed the system...

Once you have been borne, you will have parents or a “pair that rents”, these pair-rents will give you/ewe (ewe is a female sheep) name, so ewe can be a good sheep and follow the majority (which is the nature of sheep/herding). When something disgusting happens some people may say “ewww!”, especially children. This is because the ELite/ELect see you/ewe as disgusting, to be slaughtered and to be used as nothing more than their subsistence. Why slaughter us when they needs us you may ask? Well all I can say is, maybe now you all can innerstand the true meaning of what “Divine Comedy” really is! Take out the “s” in slaughter and you are left with laughter - The Latin word “Comedi” means “I eat, I chew up, I consume, I devour”.

Once borne, the child is told to celebrate their berth-day by eating cake... why cake? Well because the Latin word “placenta” literally means “Cake, flat cake” and the ‘Placenta’ is also the vascular structure in a woman’s uterus, that provides oxygen and nutrients to the ‘fetus’. This is where the popular expression “You can’t have you cake and eat it too” originates, since they can’t use us a battery energy and feed off us at the same time. When people eat cake on their berth-day they’re consenting, through ritualistic ceremony, to their enslavement within this reality/system.

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