• Németh Debs

Racism In Reality

Nobody has to like anybody, not for any reason. I don't like most people that I meet in life. You can dislike anybody for any reason whatsoever including cultural, ethnic, religious, gender, sexuality, any reason, idgaf. They smile funny. That's fine.

If you allow an authority or social pressure to dictate every aspect of your life, including who you are allowed to "like" or "dislike" because you are a beneficiary of such policy at that moment in time, you're extremely shortsighted and you get what you fucking deserve. These people are opportunists. Opportunists are the worst kinds of people.

We can solely draw the line at permitting ACTUAL violence against others. That's it. When you have multitudes of Marxists saying they hate any particular group(s) and then following that up with ACTUAL violence against them, and repeatedly, you've found your racists.

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