Ricki Lake Has A Young Man Named Raymond On Her Show In The 90's Who Is Way Ahead Of His Time

I was asked for my take on this video. I am telling you unabashedly - No lies detected. Read the Talmud yourself. You ARE considered cattle. That's what they mean by the term goyim. Black, White nobody cares. Only you're concerned with that Baalshit. You're all goyim. Even a lot of Jews, ironically. To settle this matter "right quick", I direct you to find out what Noahide Laws are because that's gonna be the real eyeopener for you goyim no matter what else is said. Read a fuckin book. Specifically, the Talmud and decide for yourself who's lying, who's hateful, who's supremacist. Do you know who they say is drowning in excrement? You may not be too happy to find out how loathed you are in fact as a doctrine of this religious ideological proliferation. They have cornered almost every aspect of this society that you are immersed in. That you are a wage or consumption prisoner to.

I refer to this element as the Talmudics. You will be surprised to find out if you have fallen victim to State dogma all of these years, that those openly targeting White people for eradication and that manipulate minorities and Black people (via BLM, Civil Rights Movement, destroying the culture to create base impulse, violent individuals) are these same Talmudics. You may be even more surprised to learn who owned the slave ships and slave ports of that transatlantic slave trade we hear so much about but have no firsthand experience of ourselves. You may be interested to know as someone just beginning to research that it does not matter where you begin your research, it always ends up being this same ideology. Talmudics. Every. Single. Time.

In fact, all of the unsettling developments the world over (as of late especially because it's been on full display since 2016), will lead back to this same root ideology. Again. Every. Fuckin. Time. It is uncanny and not something I have been happy to learn. This root ideology controls both sides of every polarity they create. You gotta ask yourself, Why is that? Who are these people? How is it that this ideology spews everything from occultism to racism to every ism you can imagine? I've already given you the What. Talmudism. All that's left is the Where and anybody that's been paying attention knows the Where is Israel. As they say, "you get what you fuckin deserve". So, stop pretending that you are invested in things that you are not. Those people in Israel are useful idiots too.

As an aside, there's a lot of ways of looking at things but the people of Israel are trapped inside for all intent and purposes. I don't want these elites trapping us. They use our own momentum against us. "Build the wall!" We know about Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. The Green New Deal. We know they already have these regional zones set up. We know they are malevolent toward the nations/the people of the world. They are not just Anti-White, they are Anti-Human. I liked that movie Mad Max but I don't want to live like that or have my kin have to live like that. That type of chaotic, man-eat-man society is what they're pushing.

Listen, this kid is far beyond his years with regard to particular statements that he's made concerning the deception referred to as the Holocaust. I can speak about this subject and just about anything freely and openly because I view it objectively. I am not invested in any way for or against it. Like George Thorogood said, "That don't confront me". When you're invested in favor or against a thing, love or hate, like or dislike from the outset, you cannot see clearly and you are manipulated. That is why I like to maintain the position that I don't give a shit. It does not confront me. Neither side. I will be the judge. I myself am an arbiter of truth and no measure of emotional manipulation can change that fact. I already know their tricks.

Specifically, I do not love or hate any politician, movie star, celebrity, musician, etc. I don't give a shit. That's a place of power in these times. They control you by emotional blackmail and manipulations. However, when you take all emotion out of the equation, love or hate, like or dislike, and change it to "I don't give a shit either way till I find out all the facts", then you can assess fairly. But you cannot clearly see what is happening around you when you are invested in any way.

For instance, you'd have missed that American Jews are really not considered Jews. Neither the power elite that drives society nor any aspect of the Talmudic element gives a shit whether you're Jewish. Certainly, the Orthodox does NOT consider non-observant American Jews, to be Jews at all. You are also merely goyim. Plus, all that Holocaust shite was supposed get them all to Israel but other factors and elements drove them to America. Unaccounted for too. Undocumented in droves. Ring a bell? Much like other minority groups, the "Jews" have gotten caught up in being told how special they are while at the same time building their group identity on victim status. Can't be all that smart. You've been manipulated too.

You have to be able to analyze, assess, and review material and information objectively. Outside of the confines of identity, frankly. You have to learn to process and extrapolate (pick out) the root message when you are analyzing information, even in conversations in your daily life, such as this young man is telling you because when you strip away all the oooh ahhhhs and listen to what he's actually saying, again. No lies detected.

However, when you've built your identity on labels, categorizations, and ideas that somebody else devised, you're a disaster waiting you happen by design. Remember, you are what you do. That is the bottom line. My self-esteem is based on my actions rendering me unshakable. I am certainly not gonna go along with the myriad of lies out there ranging from this idea of a 'Chosen People' to "Blacks" are victims or inferior because of slavery or any of the lies the Left successfully sells. The Left controls people via emotional manipulation, pop culture, and deception, that's who the Left is. That's who the State is.

But at the end of the day, it was your choice. You rioted. You took what was not yours. You destroyed property. You hurt people. You are responsible for that.

If you are part of the group that's been consistently responsible for killing and hurting more people than any other group in this country, including other Black people, you are not persecuted. These violent and immoral people have been permitted to run amok for decades. If I was "Black", I'd let everyone I knew know loud and clear, that's NOT my culture. Good people should discard Black culture. It's not yours anymore. It hasn't been for decades. M'kay?

Lastly, what do you think that means, Chosen? There's your supremacy folks, right in front of your face. I'm not feeding into this supremacy lie. If they were really, superior they wouldn't rely on baalshit and deception to accomplish their nefarious goals. Get off your high horse. There's only two groups in reality. The moral and the immoral. I'll leave it at that.

P.S. I was looking at all those Ricki Lake pictures and for someone who had cancer she sure never lost any weight. I do know that shaving the head is an occult practice (for women). It's starting the new identity. The beginning of a voyage of sorts into the dark occult. Hair is more than what you believe it to be. They shave their heads not realizing it's a ritual step. Initiation. There's way more to this but I have to go enjoy the day. Enjoy yours.

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