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*** Shem Never Existed ***

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Dating back to5500 BC The Tărtăria tablets, earliest form of writing in the world (

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Question 'Did Shem ever exist?'

From 'Ask the Rabbi' (Lubavitch)


When going back that far into history, there are no real certainties. All we have are the recordings of other people.

We have a document that has been carefully preserved for millennia that describes his existence.

The oldest extant copy of the Torah that we have is from the 3rd century BCE, the Dead Sea Scrolls. It has Shem in it. IF we accept the veracity of that text, then we would conclude that he is a historical figure. (Hearsay)

The Ketef Hinnom silver scrolls contain the Priestly Blessing from the 7th century BCE. That is much closer to Shem's time, but they do NOT refer to Shem directly. They are just the blessing from the Torah.

So, in summary, WE CAN'T KNOW FOR SURE. We trust in the Torah and in the process of preservation that has been kept among Jews all the way back. But we have NO direct, absolute evidence.


CHECKMATE, with this kind Rav's help.

'Semites', 'Antisemites' 'Jews' CHECKMATED

Big Bang theory, CHECKMATED



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