The American People Can Forgive Almost Anything Except Child Predators Larping As Gay Dudes

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Queer means pedophile. The Left is extremely effective at manipulating the understanding of words. Word Magic | The American people can forgive almost anything except what has occurred in this country over the past many decades at the hands of the Leftists (Marxists). Specifically, the promoting of pedophilia culture. These Leftists (Marxists) have worked diligently over many decades to infuse their pedophilia agenda into the LGBTQ movement. That’s why it was always referred to as the LGBTQ(ueer) Agenda. American society eats up Queerness for fear of being called bigots. The Left knows your fears. You have been thoroughly studied. Studied to a degree that no matter your response they’ve planned a recourse.

Leftism always works to warp our understanding of the world around us by utilizing our own good natures against us in order to blur the lines of decency to the extent that people can no longer discern right from wrong. The Left’s goal (think Left Hand path) is full public consent. Otherwise, they could by force do what they have planned for us and our children. They believe that they already have the necessary consensus to move forward with the next step of their agenda. This is the Progress that your energies have been used for all these decades. Do you now see?

When you read some of the comments on the video (posted below) of the Marxist faggots threatening to “come for your children” you see that a lot of people still don’t get it. They are talking about how this bizarre video doesn’t “help the Gay cause”. The “Gays” have no cause. They are not a persecuted group. STFU.

Moving right along.

Talk about "coming out". Pedophiles that have been larping (Live Action Role Playing) as Gay dudes for eons have now decided to show their true colors/motivations. Now everyone can see that "Gay" is just a front for child predators. Your victim status is revoked.

They are Queers (pedophiles). They are NOT Gays even. They are NOT homosexual(s). They are PEDOPHILES larping as homosexuals. There is no forgiveness for pedophiles or any type of child predators.

Into the chipper you go. (meme reference noobs)

Leftists (Marxists) have allowed themselves to be misled. The American people on the other hand have not been fooled by your co-opting of the LGB platform. That’s right. I only included Lesbian Gay Bi. The rest is Baalshit. LGB stopped buying into Marxism a long time ago because they saw it going awry and sought to separate themselves from what they recognized as thinly veiled child predation. They took flack for it. “You’re not gay if x, y, and z”.

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Just like the Civil Rights movement was a block set in place to get us where we stand right now, it has been all the same difference. A Farce. A concerted effort with one goal in mind.

They're after your children.

Moreover, the fact that there are so many in the public eye that prop themselves up as Conservatives (a clear farce btw) when they have actively championed the LGBTQ movement (think Marxism), should have been an enormous red flag to the American public. The likes of individuals such as Charlie Kirk of Conservative, Inc. who not only accepted Drag Queen Story Hour but promoted it. These so-called “Conservatives” promote Baalshit and work in tandem with Leftism and Marxism to sway consensus. Most people that consider themselves “Conservative” have fallen for blatant lies and deceptions that are right in front of their eyes. You have eyes but cannot see. All by design. Even worse, most have fallen for the lies concerning White Supremacy not realizing that when you hear this out in the ether, they mean you yourself.

Message to the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus: The falsities of Leftism and Marxist (pedophilia) culture that you have immersed yourselves in (some for decades) together with the lies of modernity (modern life) and "Progress" overall, and all of the subverted and corrupted institutions of power and public office, have deceived you into believing that you are farther along the timeline than you actually are.

Consider the video you Marxist faggots have made "A Message From the Gay Community" Performed by the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus, a misstep. You jumped the gun.

Veritable demons with dead, vacuous gazes having given up the flesh to something even they themselves do not wholly understand, but have put on display. These veritable demons have now publicly threatened the American people with “we’re coming for your children”. How will you respond, America?

Decades ago Queer commonly meant pedophile and slowly they turned the meaning of Gay to Queer. Now we have a general public celebrating the Queers.

“They” tried with MAPS (Minor Attracted Persons) but it didn’t take off as hoped.

"We're here and we're queer?" Translation: "We're here and we're pedophiles, and we’re coming for your children”.

Child predators are the most loathsome in creation second only to cannibals.

Spoiler Alert: Evil does not win in the end but it is not by the intervention of some supernatural force. It is by our own hands.

You have been warned, "They will not be happy until they have free range to f*ck your kids on live t.v. and perform ritual sacrifice and all manner of depravity . . ." I wish I could tell you that pedophiles are the worst evil operating our world but in fact it is much, much worse, and you know it.

Again, they believe that they are farther along that timeline than they actually are regarding the American people’s acceptance of their depravity.

The American people can forgive almost anything but child predators. Again, I say child predators because pedophiles are only one type of evil out here gunning for your children.

Unfortunately, you'll have to go directly to YouTube to view this abomination. I hope that at minimum you give them a thumbs down. A voice not heard against evilness, is a voice for evilness.

BY JJ March 2021

Talking like the Marxist Social Engineers, in order to manipulate the brainwashed masses, is advisable under some circumstances lmao...using the mind control programming trigger terms, but instead speaking the Truth afterward. Terms like "diversity is our strength", and "this is a threat to our democracy" can be used to trigger the mind control victims. Mix in some anti-Globalism and anti-Communism propaganda in there after triggering them, just like how the mainstream media, politicians, and college professors do. lmao that's the kind of manipulative shit which is necessary to deprogram some of the mind control victims.

The next level of deprogramming will consist of using the Delphi Technique to deprogram the groups of mind control victims. Having meetings like Town Hall discussions, but with the specific intention of counter-subverting the corrupted Marxist-infested local governments...

By JJ April 2021

The saddest part of how messed up the world is that most people are just going along to get along, and they either don't understand or won't understand that we are being forced into a hellish unnatural existence by our own collective compliance. Most civilized people seem to mean well, but are incredibly naive and gullible. They believe everything that the government, media, academia, and other "authorities" want them to believe. Fear is used to manipulate us into compliance, and violence is used to coerce us into compliance. The propaganda machine of the globalists within government, media, academia, and other institutions are operating in tandem with each other to destroy any true independent thought among the populations. Those who do not comply with the globalist psychological operation are punished.

These globalist Social Engineers use "niceness" and being "pleasant" as a means to portray themselves as being morally superior. They set up fake forums to reach public approval, and they make fake consensus to support their agenda (known as the "Delphi Technique"). The public goes along with it, as if things are actually going to improve through continued compliance. There is no alternative forum allowed, as the government has established a monopoly on information. Anyone who attempts to set up an alternative forum are discredited, defamed, and never allowed to reach full potential due to the monopolization of government, academia, media, etc.

What ends up happening is an information underground is created to suit the needs of those who wish to create separate forums...some have called it the "intellectual dark web". Since the naive, gullible public cannot be expected to seek out the alternative sources of information, the information is then brought to them in places where public forum is being held among the population (I.E. Facebook in today's age). There is vicious resistance by the monopoly entities to remove the influence of the information underground in public, and the monopoly seeks to persecute those who are courageous enough to stand against the monopoly in order to distribute information to the common people.

Many of the common people have become so demoralized and brainwashed that they will agree with the persecution rather than advocate for true freedom of thought. This is the reality of the situation of the reality we live in today. Censorship is encouraged, rather than freedom of thought, and many in the public are going along with it like it isn't an extremely serious problem. In order to break through the brainwashing, many people need to be shamed and ridiculed rather than approached with reason and common sense...they won't ever get honest with themselves any other way, if they will ever get honest with themselves at all.

There is a purpose for the harshness and meanness, because "niceness" and being "pleasant" does not work due to the fact that alternative forums are not allowed by the monopoly. There is no other option, and there is very little time to address the issues which need to be addressed. A common understanding of this reality and the situation we are faced with needs to be understood and addressed if there is ever to be any true freedom of thought allowed within the institutions of our civilization. The institutions are no longer serving their original intended purposes...rather, they are serving the global agenda of those who seized power and seek to dominate over the entire planet.

By JJ April 2021, Vol. 2

Imagine if we went to the Globalist forums which occur on a local level, and openly call them out for using the Delphi technique... I know of a guy who does this in Southern California, attempting to stop the local governments from carrying out Agenda 21 policies through unelected "officials" within Non-Governmental Organizations comprised of self-appointed "leaders" from the region that decide the future for everyone so long as the people don't revolt.

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