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The Big Bang Theory is Just Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism)

By J.W.

The “Big Bang Creation Scenario” Is Just a Competing Religious Concept from the Kabbala

The metaphysical Kabbala is the chicken; modern Big Bang Cosmology is the egg that it laid; and “science” is the name of the dish that has been served to the world to answer all of man’s questions about the origin of the universe, the Earth, and mankind.

The result of this naiveté from Copernicus to Newton to Darwin to Einstein to Sagan to Wickramasinghe is that this allegedly secular “knowledge” that rules in the schools and universities and all forms of media is the dominant creation scenario of the religion of Kabbala-based Judaism that has been made into textbook fact by a Theoretical Science Establishment based on occult math and fraudulent use of computer technology.

They either don’t understand or are choosing to ignore the Symbiotic Connection between the success of the Bible-bashing Copernican Revolution and the success of the Bible-bashing Darwinian Revolution.

The backbone of the Big Bang Expanding Universe Model–without which all of this science-fiction extraterrestrial evolution nonsense would die on the vine–is the contra-Biblical Copernican model of a rotating and orbiting Earth. The Creationist Leadership not only stonewalls against incorporating an all-out attack against this Copernican Cornerstone of the evolution-friendly universe of modern cosmology, they embrace and promote that Heliocentric Cornerstone that is killing Creationism and Bible credibility along with it.

They don’t understand that today’s “science” model of the ORIGIN of the Universe (incl. the Earth and mankind) is a Model that is derived from a “holy book” (Kabbala) which is a part of the Religion of Judaism.

The matter of motive behind this massive deception is readily at hand. All accounts acknowledge that–along with the Talmud [See: Talmud]— the Kabbala-based religion of the Pharisees is overtly and vehemently anti-Christian. As such, it therefore has motive for seeking to undermine the credibility of the Bible by effectively barring the teaching of the scientific evidence which simultaneously supports the Biblical Creation Account and destroys the creation account of the Kabbalist Rabbis. [See: Size-Structure Pt 1] (The celebrated Kabbalist Rabbi Nachmanides himself was exiled from Spain–over two hundred years before the mass expulsion of Jews–because of his virulent anti-Christian teachings.)

The first fact is this: The Origins Scenario endorsed by the Theoretical Science Establishment today (heliocentricity, Relativity, Big Bangism, 15 billion years of evolutionism, Expanding Universe, etc.) is rooted in 1st, 13th, 16th, and 20th century–Kabbalism (Cabalism).

Fact two: The success of this Kabbala-based Origins Scenario as “science” is directly attributable to the careful hiding of the fact that it is derived from a religion devoted to anti-Christian (and anti-Moslem) Rabbinic teachings. This religion has cleverly disguised itself as “theoretical science” and–through fraudulent use of technology and occult mathematics [See: Pythagoras, NASAs Hanky-Panky, Kabbala 1 (p.6), Redshift Fraud, Size-Structure Pt 6] –has fooled the world thereby.

Fact three: All descriptions and definitions of Kabbalism given by Rabbis, dictionaries, and encyclopedias acknowledge that it is a mystical religion, steeped in secrecy and hidden meanings which, allegedly, only a chosen few can decipher and understand. This clandestine approach to revealing God is in sharp contrast to that taught in the Bible of Christianity.

Fact four: As noted in several links, [See: Symbiotic Relationship, Insep-Conc] the Copernican Revolution paved the way for the success of the Darwinian Revolution, and both in turn provided the basis for Marxism, Freudianism, Einsteinism, Penziasism, and Saganism. Einstein saved Copernicanism which was under serious attack from the 1880’s till Einstein’s (and Rabbis Nachmanides’ and Luria’s!) “Relativity” concept came out in 1905 and 1916, and which had completely conquered the Theoretical Science Establishment by Big Al’s death in 1955.

Then Arno Penzias provided liftoff for the Big Bang Paradigm in 1965 (after LeMaitre, Gamow et al had done the early spadework. [See:TSE Pt 2-Hist.BigBang (pp.3,7,8,9)] The Copernicanism that Einstein rescued from ignominious exposure is the linchpin, the keystone of the whole of modern cosmology; the very linchpin that was described in the Kabbala over seven centuries ago…300 years before Copernicus. (See: Kabbala Part II.) Pull out the linchpin…knock out that keystone! The Truth about the role of Copernicanism in this diabolical superstring of deceptions [See: Kab.Superstring] will force open the door for a Revolution the likes of which the world has never seen, a door that cannot be shut.

Fact five: As with physicist Schroeder’s support of the Big Bang Origins Scenario and his acknowledgment that Nachmanides described the concept in the 13th century, [See: NASAs Spirit.Roots] other Jewish scholars view the success of the Big Bang Model as a confirmation of the brilliance and spirit-let conclusions of the revered Rabbi.

Fact six: Clearly–and in spite of the smooth efforts of Schroeder et al to make the Genesis 24 hour days into 15.75 billion years–Fact Five presents Jews and Gentiles alike with a choice of “sages” between Rabbi Nachmanides and Moses! And, just as clearly both “sages” have described in mutually exclusive ways how the universe and all that is in it came into being!

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("BIG BANG" theory IS a creation

story). Impossible to script any explanation for this realm that's not a creation story. "Atheismists" are

such big babies, I have to write

"creation" as the "C-word".

In those insane Jwsh texts, it is

creation itself that "must" be undone. "G_d" having fallen by

virtue of creation (of a defective product, in their view)

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