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The Bolsheviki, Who They Are and What They Believe

The Bolsheviki

Bolshevism in practice was pure Syndicalism. Brute force. Savagery. Chaos. Disfunction. Opportunism. Financed, spearheaded, and lead overwhelmingly by American Jews in the top positions but more specifically Jews from New York. They were not Socialists. They advocated Socialism and anarchy but instituted what failed to meet the fundamental criteria. They installed the most ignorant and the least capable in high positions. Ring a bell? Bolshevism is the ideology of perpetual and universal revolution going from country to county using one against the other, instigating chaos, creating filth and suffering, and immediately abandoning their cries for justice on behalf of the people on whose backs they ride to power. After they gain power, they persecute even their own racial brethren, Jews. The end goal of Bolshevism is part of a mosaic of destruction that is still playing out today working toward Global domination.

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