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The Climate Swindle

In 1992, American radio broadcaster Paul Harvey gave a prophetic speech warning about the dire consequences of the climate scam:

Consider this:

"A system where “$cientists” get paid $250-$400 THOUSAND dollars annually with bonus and travel perks to come up with studies that indicate we have a global warming crisis on our hands, do you think these “EXPERTS” are going to turn around and say: wait a minute the data doesn’t add up and we actually do NOT have a global warming crisis only to jeopardize their $250 -$400 thousand dollar jobs? On the contrary they will purposely support and make it a bigger deal than it is.. because they know if they tell the truth they will be kicked to the curb as there’s at least another 1000 fake scientists lined up to take over their high paying positions."

This model works the same for every sector and level of academia, health and medicine, think-tanks, and for every aspect and level of social engineering that Western Civilization has been and is experiencing that is designed to deteriorate the infrastructure, culture, and societies of the West.

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