• Németh Debs

The Countless Veils Of Deception: "History" Is Layer Upon Layer Of Comfortable Lies

History is a Lie – Rex Deus

No need to be a Flat Earther to appreciate that the "history" we have been indoctrinated with is blatantly false. The official narrative is a series of - at best - half truths. At worst inversion of truth designed to mold your perception for a distinct purpose. The historical timeline we are sold is plainly contradictory. The truth has been masked and hidden. The historical narrative is guess work at best. Comfortable lies more likely.

The Narrator asks compelling questions notwithstanding the title of the video or any cognitive dissonance that may creep in when this topic is mentioned. I am presenting this video to you because there are not many out there even broaching the subjects that this narrator is tackling, and I don't mean Flat Earth stuff. Listen to the questions he asks. You have to start thinking. You have to start somewhere. Start with this excellent video.

After living through the year 2020 where you were intentionally mislead with fear of Covid and people's lives were ruined and in many cases people were killed, I ask you to open your mind for a different view. The true nature of this world may come into focus. The true nature of this world being complete deception. Subversion. Layers upon layers of lies. Each layer representing a veil. There are countless veils. This video explores many of them with valid and intriguing questions that I hope stir a curiosity in you for this world in which you are immersed. You have to ask yourself, what else are they lying about, twisting, inverting, manipulating? Answer: EVERYTHING.

The following are comments by Russian writers, discussing the brilliant Russian mathematician, Anatoly Fomenko, author of History: Fiction or Science?



“History is a pack of lies about events that never happened told by people who weren’t there.” – George Santayana, American philosopher (1863-1952)

All governments lie. They lie about people, places, plans, wars, money and everything else. Would it be surprising that they lie about history. The only thing they cannot lie about is GOD, The Bible and The Lord Jesus Christ. But what about everything else?

The British Encyclopaedia names Joseph Justus Scaliger (1540-1609) as the founder of the consensual chronology we live with. Scaliger had considered himself a great mathematician and boasted to have solved the classical “ancient” mathematical ‘Quadrature of Circle’ problem that was subsequently proven insoluble.

His principal works Opus Novum de emendatione temporum (1583) and Thesaurum temporum (1606) represent a vast array of dates produced without any justification whatsoever, containing the repeating sequences of dates with shifts equal to multiples of the major cabbalistic numbers 333 and 360. Numerology was considered a major science then and J.J.Scaliger was a prominent cabbalist of his time.

The English philosopher William Ockham (allegedly 1225-1279 AD) said: “entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity”. `Ockham’s razor` applied to history leaves us with a vision of humankind where civilization comes into being in the 8th-10th centuries at the earliest, if civilization is understood as a hierarchical system consisting of state, army, ideology, religion, communication and writing.

Neither J.J. Scaliger nor his followers, clergy or humanists have paid much attention to Ockham’s law when they crafted Roman and Greek Antiquity. Their clients were condottieri upstarts who were seeking legitimacy in days of yore in order to become Popes, Cardinals or to found regal dynasties such as the Medici. They paid exceedingly well for a glorious but fictitious past.

Thorough research shows that there is literally no reliably datable information about events before the VIII century, and that there is only very scarce information originating from the 8th to the 10th century. As a matter of fact, most events of “Ancient” History took place from the 11th to the 16th century, were replicated on paper in 1400-1600 AD, and positioned under different labels in an imaginary past.

We have cross-checked archaeological, astronomical, dendro-chronological, paleo-graphical and radiocarbon methods of dating of ancient sources and artefacts. We found them ALL to be non-independent, non-exact, statistically implausible, contradictory and inevitably viciously circular because they are based or calibrated on the same consensual chronology.

Unbelievable as it may seem, there is not a single piece of firm written evidence or artefact that could be reliably and independently dated earlier than the 11th century. Classical history is firmly based on copies made in the 15th-17th centuries of ‘unfortunately lost’ originals.

Our theory simply returns the Chronology of World History to the realm of applied mathematics from which it was sequestrated by the clergy in the 16th-17th centuries. We have developed a valid and verifiable method of historical research based on statistics, astronomy and logic.

For example, computer assisted recalculation of eclipses with detailed descriptions allegedly belonging to Antiquity shows that they either occurred in the Middle Ages or didn’t occur at all. A simple application of computational astronomy to the rules of calculation of Easter according to the Easter Book introduced by the Nicean council of alleged 325 AD shows that it definitely could not have taken place before 784 AD.

Some related questions may arise: when and where was Jesus Christ born, when was He crucified? Was The Old Testament compiled before or after the New One, etc..? No, the New Chronology theory does not cancel events, artefacts, Pyramids, Great Walls, etc..etc, but points to their more probable positions on the time axis.

The consensual chronology we live with was essentially crafted in the 16th century from the contradictory mix of innumerable copies of ancient Latin and Greek manuscripts (all originals have mysteriously disappeared) and the “proofs” delivered by the late mediaeval astronomers, cemented by the authority of writings of the Church Fathers.

New Chronology theory complies with the most rigid scientific standards:

– It gives a coherent explanation of what we already know; – It is consistent: independent lines of inquiry all lead to the same conclusion; – The predictions it makes are confirmed empirically;

New Chronology goes by the following basic axioms:

– Chronology is the basis of history;

– Human evolution has always been linear, gradual and irreversible;

– The “cyclic” nature of human civilization is a myth, likewise all the gaps, duplicates, “dark ages” and “renaissances” that we know from consensual history are fantasy and hoax;

– The accumulation of geographical knowledge as reflected in cartography is a gradual and irreversible process;

– The closer in time is a given manuscript to the events described the less distortions it contains;

– There is no “useless” information in authentic ancient sources.

Saint Augustine was quite prescient when he said:

“be wary of mathematicians, particularly when they speak the truth.”

“History: Fiction or Science?”, leads You step by step to the inevitable conclusion that the classical chronology is false and therefore, that the classical history of ancient and medieval world, is also FALSE.

Learn how and why the history of Ancient Rome and Greece, Egypt and Persia were invented and paraphernalia crafted during Renaissance. Discover the Old Testament as a veiled rendition of events of Middle Ages written centuries after the New Testament. Perceive the Crusaders as contemporaries of The Crucifixion punishing the tormentors of the Messiah. What if Jesus Christ was born in 1053 and crucified in 1086 AD?


Has history of civilization been tampered with?

Conspiracy? Nothing of the sorts. Why then the world history and especially its chronology were tampered with? Let us introduce a hypothesis that to boast, to lie, to pretend was (is?) a part of the human nature. On one hand, everybody justified the claims laid to the titles, and lands by alleged ancestry and its glorious deeds. On the other hand the court historians knew only too well how to please their masters. No need for conspiracy for that.

Did events and eras such as the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the Roman Empire , the Dark Ages, and the Renaissance, actually occur within a very different chronology from what we’ve been told? Maybe the history of THE CIVILIZATION is both drastically shorter and dramatically different than generally presumed, in spite of the of Homo sapiens crowd (that’s us) being around for 150 000 years at least and age of the planet Earth being over 4.5 billion years. It’s highly unlikely that anyone told you before that there is not ONE single piece of firm written evidence or artefact that is reliably, independently and irrefutably dated older than the 11th century.

The so called universal classic world history is a pack of intricate lies for MOST events prior to the 16th century. World history as we learn it today was entirely fabricated in the 16th-18th centuries on the ‘firm’ foundation laid down by Italian ‘scholars’ idem white and black robe clergy, idem ‘humanists’ in 14th-15th centuries. Petrarca and Dante, Bracciolinni and Macciavelli, Giotto, Bernini, Da Vinci and Michelangelo Corporations not only created immortal masterpieces exceedingly well paid by Roman Popes et al and Medici Princes of Florence, but also mass produced ‘ancient’ manuscripts, frescoes, statues very much in demand by the wealthy customers from England, France, Germany and Russia.

Oxbridge scholars earned their daily bread & butter by cooking very Ancient Greece & Roman Empire history mostly from Italian ingredients. The Glorious Revolution in England has already taken place, the British Empire was in works and badly needed glorious predecessors like the Roman Empire. The French learned crowd made their encyclopaedic cuisine of alleged Roman Republic history preparing the French minds for an Ideal Republic to come.

The French Kings out of pure spite of all things English (!) made a ‘successful’ live test of Ideal Republic 1776 in British American colonies by helping American freedom fighters to free their lands from the British crown and to found The United States of America. British Empire paid back by helping French freedom fighters to make dream of the French scholars come true, to found French Republic in 1789, etc….Somehow very liberal King Louis XVI lost control, head and crown which the one Corsican Bouenaparté found in the gutter of the Revolution and became Napoleon I Emperor (!) of the French Republic (!) etc..

Of course, neither generations after generations of historians, nor Hollywood scriptwriters can’t be totally in the wrong. After what was learned in school and university, no one you will easily believe that the classical history of ancient Rome, Greece, Asia, Egypt, China, Japan, India, etc., is manifestly false. Everyone will indignantly point the accusing finger to the gigantic pyramids in Egypt, to the Coliseum in Rome and Great Wall of China etc., and claim, aren’t they really ancient, thousands of years ancient?

Certainly they were built before the 15th century. No doubt whatsoever that the Renaissance artists, sculptors, architects and engineers have not built pyramids in Egypt or gigantic palaces in Persia, Great Wall in China, etc.. But a closer look at ‘evidence’ of the age of 777 Wonders of the Antiquity a suspicion that they were built 3-5 hundred years before, not thousands of years earlier.

It just happens that there is no valid irrefutable scientific proof that ALL ‘ancient’ artefacts are much older than 1000 years contrary to the self fulfilling radiocarbon dating obligingly rubber-stamped by radiocarbon labs to the prescriptions of the mainstream historians. How heartbreaking is that the oldest ORIGINAL written documents that can be reliably, irrefutably and unambiguously dated belong only to the 11th century! All dirty and worn out originals have somehow disappeared in the Very Dark Ages, as illiterate but tidy monks kept only brand new copies. Better yet, most of the very old original document of 11th-13th tell very peculiar stories completely out of line with the consensual history.

Statistical research firmly asserts that Homo sapiens invented writing (Chinese hieroglyphics including) only about 1000 years ago. Once invented, writing skills were immediately and irreversibly put to the use of ruling powers and science. Gentlemen, kindly don’t wave the Dead Sea scrolls at us, for these scrolls may be very fragile and dusty, but they are very probably of medieval make.

For the heavens sake, don’t quote endless wisdoms of Confucius allegedly from 551 B.C. These wisdoms are no more than top quality product of teamwork of learned Jesuit-infiltrators to China and Lettered Chinese (who played along) of 16th-18th century. The case of ‘Ancient’ China is even funnier as there is not ONE single piece of firm written evidence or artefact that can be reliably, independently and irrefutably dated older than the 15th century! The clean up of all things written ordered by the Manjou dynasty, which took (with sword, etc..) over from the Ming dynasty in 1644 A.D. was very thorough. ALL majestic Chinese inventions like powder, silk, paper are of the European and Middle Eastern origin.

Don’t throw at us the Sinai Codex Book from the British Museum either. British Museum coughed up £100 000 ( £5 000 000 in today’s pounds) to buy from illiterate Russian Bolsheviks in 1932. This precious Codex is also early medieval at best. German Indiana Tischendorff dug it personally from the wastebasket of St Catherine’s monastery in Sinai (fact!), invented a ‘science’ of palaeography, proved with his ‘science’ the biblical age of the Codex, presented it to the Tsar-Emperor Alexander II of the Russian Empire, reaped the tsar’s ransom of 50 000 gold roubles ($ 10 000 000 today) and was ennobled as Russian Count.

Early in life, we learn about ancient history in school. Children love the magical lessons of history – they are real-life fairy tales. Teachers recite breathtaking stories; very soon we learn by heart the names and deeds of brave warriors, wise philosophers, fabulous pharaohs, cunning high priests and greedy scribes. We learn of gigantic pyramids and sinister castles, kings and queens, dukes and barons, powerful heroes and beautiful ladies, emaciated saints and low-life traitors. We are caught up in tales of cruel wars, merciless Roman legions conquering everything in sight, noble knights, crusades and contests. We are thrilled by perilous sea voyages and discoveries, passions and adventures. Wow, we love it!

As we grow up, our love of history grows even stronger and turns us into history buffs. We watch megalomaniac breathtaking Hollywood productions in 2D, 3D, read historical fiction, buy glossy and expensive books about mysteries of history, admire archaeological finds and digs, go to museums, travel to Egypt , Rome , Greece, India and China to see it all with our own eyes. Oh yes, we understand at last the true meaning of the universal world history, ah, we see the rise and, ouch, the fall of civilizations. The CIVILIZATION began so very-very long ago. It was antediluvian may be?

There is just TOO MUCH fantasy to be found in history. The ‘ancient history’ of Antiquity and the Middle Ages is an enormous edifice of unspeakable perfection and beauty BUT literally left hanging in the air. It simply has no proven and reliably dated documentary foundation. The consensual version of World history generally accepted today is based on presumptions. You might indignantly object that there are innumerable historical documents, manuscripts, ancient papyri, parchments, old and not so old books, buzzing with references to, from and about the past. There appears to be more than enough historical material to easily reconstruct completely the glorious past!

Oh yes, there are ‘documents’ and ‘stories’ in abundance to generate multitudes of dazzling Hollywood blockbusters, such as “Gladiator”, “Troy”, “Alexander” with the convincing acting of Russell Crow or Brad Pitt; enough sizzling ideas for a further barnburners like “Da Vinci code”, etc… but it is wrong to presume that the reconstruction of the past is simple. Lucas & Co take an ancient chronicle, translate it into contemporary language, and that’s it. History is reconstructed to the last detail?

But that is not so!

Ancient history is first of all, a written history based on the following sources: documents, manuscripts, printed books, paintings, monuments and artefacts. When a school textbook tells us that Genghis Khan in year MMM A.D or Alexander the Great in the year NNN B.C. have each conquered half of the world, it means only that it is so said in some of the written sources. Seemingly simple questions practically never have clear, unambiguous answers. When were these sources written? Where and by whom were they found? For each of these questions, the answers are very complex and require in-depth research.

It is further WRONGLY presumed that there are numerous carefully preserved ancient and medieval chronicles readily available, written by Genghis Khan’s or Alexander the Great contemporaries and eyewitnesses to their fantastic conquests, which are kept today in the National Library of Republic of Mongolia or Greece; or in the Library of Congress, or in the private collection of Microsoft. Zilch comma zilch sources come from contemporaries and eyewitnesses: Mongols were a nomad and illiterate bunch, sweet Alexander lived so long ago that most 100% reliable sources know for sure he was the son of Zeus, right?

Wrong, we have not seen Alexander’s birth certificate, not even a copy, and Zeus doesn’t answer the phone. Too bad, only fairly recent sources of information are available, having been written hundreds or even thousands of years after the alleged events. In most cases ‘sources’ have been written only in the XVI-XVIII centuries, or even later. As a rule, these ‘sources’ suffered after their discovery considerable multiple manipulations, falsifications and distortions by editing to this or other order of this or another power in command of the day. At the same time, innumerable originals of ancient documents under pretext of heresy were DESTROYED in Europe.

Of course, some real events were the source of most written documents, even those that were later falsified and manipulated. However, the same real event could have been described in chronicles by authors writing in different languages and having contradictory points of view. There are many cases where such are plainly unrecognizable as the same event.

The names of persons and geographical sites often changed meaning and location during the course of the centuries. The exact same name could take on an entirely different meaning in different historical epochs. Geographical locations were clearly defined on maps, only with the advent of printing. This made possible the circulation of identical copies of the same map for purposes in the fields of the military, navigation, education and governance, etc. Before the invention of printed maps, each original map was a unique work of art, both beautiful, non-exact and contradictory.

Mainstream Historians from Oxford say: «stop… everybody knows that Julius Caesar lived in the first century B.C. Do you really doubt it?» Yes, we really do. For us this statement is only a point of view that is dominant today. But it is only one of many possible points of view until the very fact of his life and deeds is proven.

In turn, we will also ask some simple questions: where did you get your information? from a textbook? That’s not good enough. Who was the first to say that Julius Caesar lived in the first century B.C.? What book, document and/or manuscript can you quote as a primary source? Who is the author of this source? When and by whom was this primary source written down and where discovered, if you please?

We do not accept «the textbook says so» type of answer as proof. As soon as you dig for proof slightly deeper than the school textbook, the adamant grounds for the totally and utterly dominant point of view suddenly evaporate. The whole world community of professional historians will not be able to come with up irrefutable documentary proof that Julius Caesar EVER existed, be it on paper, papyri, parchment or stone. Same story for ALL great names of Antiquity. The proof is unavailable!

Cambridge mainstream historians say: “here is the ancient chronicle written in the twelfth century A.D., which clearly says, ‘Julius Caesar lived in the first century B.C. ‘.” But what proves that this chronicle was written in the twelfth century and not in the sixteenth century, that happens to be the age oldest copy the chronicle they quote? Is your written source scientifically dated? You know, the bronze (plastic or cardboard) panel made in the twenty-first century with the lettering: “Temple of Jupiter built in I century B.C. by the personal command of the Great Magnificent Caesar the Emperor of Rome” is hanging on the ancient looking edifice is not irrefutable proof of when, why, or what it was built for, even if the building is located in Rome, Italy, European Community.

Indeed, the dating itself of the chronicle by the twelfth century has to be proven. That is where the buck stops. Actually, nobody is capable to prove the date of the writing of their «old» written sources irrefutably or produce independent datings of any of the ancient artefacts.

Better ye