• Németh Debs

THE CULTURE WARS: The Timeline Is Moving Faster Than People Have Been Able To Keep Up With Thus Far

I am an Investigative Researcher examining the Leftist Authoritarian Apparatus, focusing on ground level anarcho-communism/Leftism, its roots and rise up through Liberal politics, the death of true Conservativism, the reshaping of the American socio-cultural landscape, the role of corporations in governance and social conditioning, NGO's, independent financiers, lobbyists, Ritual Occultism, Occult Symbolism, Mass Ritualism, Child Trafficking and ritual torture, sex and drug trafficking industry, in short the Globalist Syndicate and the multitude of institutions stifling humanity and how they all tie together in the take over of Western Civilization. I cover subjects that I understand may make people uneasy. However, they are sourced and taken from the proverbial 'horse's mouth'. Whether people want to know the ugly truth or not, it affects our lives. We have been set on a course and the timeline is moving faster than people have been able to keep up with thus far.

In an environment hostile to dissent where merely disagreeing evokes violence and draconian censorship, Leftists and self-professed anarcho-communists and "Marxists" are burning down our cities and warring to reshape our culture. Leftist ground troops like Antifa and Black Lives Matter ("Black Antifa") have made communion with the mainstream media, Democrat politicians, corporations and every institution of society. As we move forward, we have seen that the "Left" hides their true nature/intentions less and less as they incrementally gain power via manufactured and actual consensus.

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The Left has been campaigning as they themselves have asserted for many years to "End Whiteness". Yes, that means White (European descent) people specifically but it also means any individual or group that doesn't fall in line with the Left's brand of madness. This's key. It's all fun and games until people realize, we're all "White" who want to live free [from their intrusions]. That's a concept designed to escape the masses in this country.

If you did not understand Charlottesville back in 2017, things must be coming into perspective for you now regarding the true nature of the Charlottesville event. It was and has always been a war against communism, Globalism, Leftism, self-fashioned anarcho-communists, and "Marxists" (like Antifa, BLM, SJW's), Leftist pedophilia culture and sexual deviancy, and the campaign to "End Whiteness" and destroy Western Civilization.

But you have to understand what this actually means ["End Whiteness"]. It ultimately means complete subjugation of the masses ruled by an occult driven elite. A multi-generational power cult. Hi-Tech wizards. Masters of industry. Corporate heads.

Individual rights is the cornerstone of the "Whiteness" this element is warring to destroy because it is the diametric opposite of their vision. While the American cultural and political landscape has changed abruptly and suddenly for so many, these Leftist elements have been around for ages. None of this is new. It's just new to you.


Nonetheless, Charlottesville was a turning point in the Culture Wars and not only elevated this existential battle but revealed the America-hating apparatus at work. In a nutshell, Charlottesville was the first stand for all manner of freedom loving, "right" leaning individuals. The event was called Unite The Right after all.

Right leaning refers to those who ideologically fall to the right of Marxism, Leftism, Communism.

Charlottesville was the last stand for true men of conviction. It was the largest showing up to that point of right leaning warriors taking to battle against the scourge of Leftist ideology. Make no mistake. You must be a warrior because as those men with tiki torches were shining a light on all those years ago, Leftists do indeed want to replace you and thereby destroy Western Civilization. They want to eradicate White people. You must come to terms with this fact. There will be no Western Civilization as you know it without White people. That is a simple fact. Face it.

All those years ago such a thing was unfathomable to the American public at large and Americans were easily manipulated by the mainstream media who never let an opportunity to deceive the public pass them up. Now the Left doesn't have to hide their intentions and they openly war on "White" (European descent) people as well as any individual that speaks out against Leftist dogma. All the sudden you're white too. Anti-White hate (and Anti-Semitism for that matter) is the new State dogma now.

It is highly concerning that the beloved of so many hopeful individuals, Donald Trump, signed an Anti-Semitism Bill just before leaving office at the end of his presidency. The parting gift of DJT was a solid kick in the balls of the American people. When you take a step back and look at the big picture, you have ask yourself why would this champion of the people who have been so devoted to him, do such a thing that so aptly plays into the hands of those who you must by now know are your enemy? I have no qualms about referring to them as enemies. They are enemies of humanity. Anti-Semitism will be used to cull the White population. Specifically, White men and by extension all of us since the battle lines have been drawn.

While current events represent a wake up call for many, for others it still requires coming up to speed since they are clinging to a past long gone. They no longer live in reality.

The Left states foregone conclusions as if they're facts to build a general consensus about what they're making every effort to bring about. The Biden video where he chats with "Black" leaders about White people in the U.S. becoming a minority even providing an effective date of 2040 for this calamity is a prime example of this standard operating procedure (S.O.P.). In that video, Biden also telegraphed who the next group to be targeted will be. Hispanics and Latinos. Another group of European derivative by and large. Pay attention Hispanics and Latinos. You're next. They'll deal with White Asians the same as White Europeans clumping them with us. Welcome guys.

Another reason the Left is working on Anti-Asian Hate Crime Baalshit is to pull that demographic to them and against White people because we in the opposition to the Left want every Asian person to be Roof Top Korean. That's a major threat to the Left.

Remember, what we are witnessing is a long thought out and planned Globalist agenda. A plot. If you do not know what Agenda 21 is or Agenda 2030 you have to get work. Here's the low down in video links. UNSUSTAINABLE: The UN's Agenda For World Domination, Part 1 (debarelli.com) and UNSUSTAINABLE: The UN's Agenda for World Domination, Part II - "The Reality" (debarelli.com). However, if you do not take the time to watch/listen to the video that you can listen to while doing other things, I doubt you're gonna read the voluminous documents these insidious institutions (United Nations specifically) have issued.

Agenda 21 was put out by the United Nation in 2012. How interesting. The world was supposed to experience an apocalypse if you recall. One of many haha. But we did experience an apocalypse, the wheels were set in motion. Don't look up the word apocalypse. The U.N. has somewhat recently removed the voluminous Agenda 21 document from their website by the way but they're implementing it nonetheless having removed the document itself. Covid is/was part of Agenda 21.

Let's talk about consent for a moment. These psychopaths work by rules. The cornerstone Rule is that they have to tell you what they are doing. But they are cunning in their extraction of consent. They rely on what in the legal field we refer to as 'implied consent'. Pretty much implied consent means 'you should have known'. But you don't even know what to look for. It's all around you and you've never so much as noticed it. How then can you consent? It's the same concept as a 'shrink wrap agreement' which is unfair again because it relies on what you 'should have known'. It is illogical and unreasonable. Textbook Baalshit.

So, for instance, I buy a product and by removing the plastic wrap encasing the product I have now entered into an agreement with the corporation that sold it to me. Bullshit I did. Rosetta Stone does this. By removing the shrink wrap to open the box of the product you have in that instant unwittingly entered into a binding legal agreement with the Rosetta Stone Corporation that restricts you from reselling the product. It doesn't just restrict you from selling it and making a profit. You cannot give it away either. What kind of Baalshit is this? You are held legally liable if you resell the product or even give it to another individual under threat of litigation. Basically, Rosetta Stone will sue you for breach of contract. Our legal system is a joke. It is Baalshit. M'kay?

If you've ever heard of the reasonable man standard. This is a backbone of law and the standard used most often by these occultists as well. "Reasonable" is a joke especially in 2021 because the world has gone crazy and reality is being purposefully distorted. Besides, as far as standards go they are continually moving the goalpost.

Remember, the rulers of this world are multigenerational occultists. When I say above that Covid was a part of Agenda 21, what we saw this year was essentially ramming Agenda 21 through. There were 3 components to the ritual exercise in 2020, 1) Covid "Fear Pandemic", 2) Racial Unrest/Rioting, and 3) The Take Over. What you may know as the Election theft. Each leg of the ritual came at key times of the year in line with occult "holidays" and/or significant astronomical events like solstices, equinoxes when these important calendar events occur. Check it out. Covid is the maiden. Racial Unrest was the mother. The Take Over/Election farce was the crone. We're dealing with things everyday people do not understand. When you plan a mass ritual of this magnitude much like any other such craft, it gains steam as it progresses. By the time it flourishes to the "Crone" stage, it's unstoppable. There's nothing you could have done. They controlled too much of the energy at that point. Energy being people.

Everything we've seen in 2020 was taken right out of that Agenda 21 document. Now we're into the next leg of the scheme 2030. Remember, these are some wicked individuals, queer satanic commies hell bent on their androgynous vision of the future. The Age of Androgyny. Think Baphomet.

When I say queer or faggot I am specifically referring to Marxist and their Baalshit. Not gay people in general.

However, it is important to note that the civil rights movement was a complete farce, if you haven't sensed that already. All civil rights is Baalshit. All of it is farcical. The only 'rights' that matter are those things that you are willing to fight and die for. Nothing else. The idea of 'rights' is laughable. "They" know that most people are soft and fall for that dumbshit. Muh rights. Again, your rights only extend to what you are willing to put yourself on the line for.

As an aside, I grew up in a City that was only known for being No. 1 for murder. You hear people say "might makes right". That's not a lie. It's nature. Suburbs are not serious places. Not the reality of life but an anomaly.

I grew up in harsh reality where you have to have your wits about you at all times and everybody knows how to fight, especially every man. A man must be able to handle himself. Now whether he decides to fight or not, he must be able. You have to know how to fight because you are going to have to fight. That time is here now.

We saw all these White people getting pushed around by BLM cult members. It was pathetic and utterly saddening. Now they're attacking Asians and trying to blame it on White people and perform mental gymnastics to get stupid people to 'believe' it's White supremacy. They have these young black thugs up in arms hating white people and hating asian people and thinking they can just fuck with White and Asian people. No es bueno guys.

Develop situational awareness. Start doing your proverbial push-ups. Learn some combatives. You are not gonna be left alone. Don't be a victim just because they want you to be victimized. You have to develop the attitude that if you fuck with me you're gonna get fucked up. You're an American and guess what? We're fighters. Always stand tall and strong but always be smart. That trumps everything else. Start walking around like you own the place, because you do. This OUR country. They have forfeited their rights to call themselves Americans by working to destroy her.

Also, where I grew up a person's word is all they have. Your word is your bond. If I say something, you can take it to the bank (not a Central Bank though. Those guys are assholes and the root of our problems. Get rid of them and usury and you'll have none of these problems). If I've chosen to speak up or defend someone or something, I am literally willing to fight for it and I know what I can do. Fighting is a naturally viable option. I wish they'd bring back dueling or at least 'fair ones'. I would love to imbue onto you all an indomitable spirit because it's not gonna be Spring time flowers much longer my people.

The Left has begun their campaign to purge the country of it's "Whiteness". By "Whiteness" they mean everything in opposition to their stated mission. There's a long list, private property, individualism, ideas of meritocracy, the traditional family unit, values, religion, objective morality, etc. In a nutshell, your American way of life . . . and you yourself Western man. All the sudden everybody's White. Keep trying to tell you guys, they're slick. Wise up. "Anti-Whiteness" doesn't mean somebody else. Nobody is gonna be safe. History has taught us the error of that mentality and the Leftists continue to move the goalpost and exploit our misconceptions.


Additionally, the polarities Black/White are set for occult purposes. As above, so below. Not what people believe. I would get that word out of my vernacular in any event. Believe. Don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see. Perceive with your mind. Question everything. The fact that we identify as Black or White is troubling. I only use these terms because we are operating in fields not designed by us. We don't make the rules. But I'm not white. I'm not a color. A hue. I am a European descent individual with the line of my ancestors pulsing through my very being and a genetic wisdom culminating throughout the ages to bring me to where I stand today in a state of ready.

The fact of the matter when we discuss politics is that the days of the Democrats being what we refer to as "Kennedy Democrats" have long since passed. If you still believe that Joe Biden is a moderate politician styled after that Kennedy legacy, you are out your mind and easily led. We cannot help you. Never waste an ounce of energy convincing anyone of ANYTHING. Do not proselytize. Just live by example. The Democrats have made a deal with the devil (Globalism) and have now become that devil. What we hear coming out of the mouth of a "president elect" Biden is Leftist ideology. That's how I know who and what he is but more importantly who he's in league with (very big players). He has sold his soul if he ever had one and the destiny of Western Civilization. Leftists and Globalists hate White (European descent) individuals in particular because you are the embodiment of everything that they are diametrically opposed to (individualism, free thinking, meritocracy, you are builders and creators) and you represent their only resistance. Pay no attention to the fact that most of them seem to be of White, European descent. It's a mindfuck but the origins of these venomous ideologies is not what you may believe.

Everything runs downstream of the occult and always leads back to the Talmud. Every. Single. Time.

While the entire (Overton) window has shifted Left, it has become necessary to point out the obvious to far too many folks. No. 1 - THERE IS NO RIGHT WING. The so-called Far Right is whomever the Leftists dictate. That list changes and grows by the day. If you disagree, you're a Right Wing Extremist, A Nazi, A White Supremacist, Racist, etc.

The Left labels individuals variously. Concepts to invoke phantoms of the past. They play word games. They say that regular people that oppose Leftists and Leftism and any of their Baalshit are fascists and Anti-Semites (watch out for that). The opposite of their position is fascism. Fine. I don't have a problem with that because these types of labels ARE fluid. At the end of the day, whatever terms, labels, or words are used are irrelevant when the fundamental idea conveyed remains the same. That is the fact that there is opposition. Getting caught up on labels no es bueno. You can call me a fascist. You can call me a Nazi. A white supremacist. Anti-Semite. You can call me anything you want. At the end of the day, the fact remains the same.

I am the opposition.

No. 2 - Democrats have slid dangerously Left, they are Leftists. That means neo-Bolshevik mindsets. Marcusian. They are no longer Kennedy Democrats. They are guided by Democratic Socialists (Commies), Corporate occultists, Legacy Media, etc. All the bad actors.

No. 3 - Every time they accuse someone or a group of being "Far Right", "White Nationalist", "White Supremacist" or "Right Wing", Racist, Bigots, etc. know that that person is a potential ally. Because that is the Leftists M.O. They label and brand, indiscriminately, in order that there be something to point at. They know the effect it has on the accused and observers especially. They can tell you all they want that there's a boogeyman out there but if they can point to someone and say to you 'look there's the boogeyman', so far you've believed it.

I fought for years against anarcho-communists, all manner of Leftists, Marxists, SPLC, and Black Lives Matter. I'm one of the lying SPLC's poster girls and I am proud of that fact because I got their fuckin number. They are frauds on a good day. These anarcho-communists could never understand who I am. All I can say is that they're gonna wish we were Nazis. Even Hitler offered reprieve.

A group of very good people got together to fight these hateful Leftists, once upon a time back when all you guys didn't even know blood was being spilled. We held Liberty events, first amendment events. All of our liberties hinge on the concept of the first amendment. We were labeled Nazis and white supremacists, or guilty by association, but we persisted even as our numbers dwindled. Got down to the point where there was just a handful of us. But we are lions. These good Liberty-minded people were targeted by hordes of anonymous Leftists and labeled Nazis, White Supremacists, etc. and then ostracized by their communities because their employers and landlords, and families were hounded by these anonymous hordes of Leftists whose goal it is to ruin lives; but also to create the opposition. People lost their jobs, homes, family members, friends. They were completely isolated. The Left loves to do that to people.

That didn't make me want to stop. What made me stop was realizing that the Leftists were using our own momentum against us to build their movement. It spread like wild-fire within two years. We were dealing with something that none of us had ever experienced. The only way to stop this scourge is to deny them the reactions that they seek. It all comes down to energy and they want yours. Be stingy with it. Be stoic. Give them no reaction as attention whores.

Also, the original Proud Boys is legit. When nobody else could or would those guys did. That's before their diversity quota that lead them to be infiltrated by the Feds which's when they started organizing fights with Antifa. Moral of the story is becoming the Left is not the way to fight the Left.

A loose rule is, if the Leftist Apparatus is calling somebody a Nazi or a white supremacist or accuse that person or group of Anti-Semitism - especially, then I know that individual must really be giving them a hard time or is shining a light on something that the Left does NOT want you to know, and is therefore an ally. This's how you're gonna know who's who. Who is friend. Who is foe.

While people may support Leftist policies and propaganda and identity politics, you gotta understand that giving in is never a feasible option. They will always want more. They have no mercy for any character of opposition or dissent and they keep tightening the noose of acceptable speech and behavior so that they will control all behavior and all spe