The Holocaust Fabrication and Modern Man's War on God

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His Excellency Bishop Williamson:

"Germany invaded Russia in order to head off Communism. As enemies of Communism. Nazis were enemies of Communism. Communism killed hundreds of millions. Hitler allegedly killed 6 million Jews. It's untrue. It's just not true. It's a fabrication. That so-called Holocaust is quite simply a fabrication. You could spend a couple of hours on the internet. Seek out the best revisionists. You'll see all of the evidence points one way and all of the emotion points the other way. The emotion fully backs 6 million Jews wickedly killed in gas chambers by Nazis. All of the emotions on one side. All of the evidence is on the other.

How on Earth in a couple of years do you cremate 6 million corpses? It's not possible with the number of gas ovens that they had at Auschwitz or anywhere. The evidence is just absolutely against every time but minds no longer run on evidence. People's minds today are gone. They watch soap operas and t.v. It's all emotion, emotion, emotion and then the Holocaust is true. Truth is then defined by emotion. What makes me feel chocolate is true. What makes me feel uncomfortable because it goes against what I think is not necessarily true or untrue. What does truth depend on? It depends on the evidence. Who still today has minds that run on evidence? Not many. People's minds . . . people don't think. They don't want to think and quite honestly, they're incapable of thinking. And, guess what? Their education today is made so that they won't think.

In the old days, you used to learn logic and you used to learn arguments and so on. Today no longer. No, no, no, no. You're taught to run on emotion. People then run on emotion and they can't understand how the Holocaust is not true because they run on emotion. But if you want to know if the Holocaust is true or not, go by the evidence. Look up the evidence and you'll see if you've got half a brain in your head you'll see in a short space of time that the Holocaust is quite simply a fabrication.

6 million gassed? There wasn't one deadly gas chamber. There wasn't one gas chamber in Nazi Germany which was killing human beings. Not one. What there was in the concentration camps was disinfection chambers where Zyclon-B gas was used to delouse clothing of the prisoners as they came into the camps. That there was. That there is evidence for. The Prussic acid is a blue stain on the walls of these disinfection chambers. That you find. That is evidence. In the walls it's evidence but in the walls of the alleged gas chambers built after the war, it's a fabrication. A sheer fabrication. But that's the stupidity of modern man.

Modern man thinks he's so smart. He's got so many universities. Everybody now goes to university and everybody becomes stupid at these modern universities. Who can deny it?

You come out of these modern universities with a degree that's a circular shape, color black with two ears on top. They're Mickey Mouse degrees in these modern universities. They're not universities at all. They are the appearance of universities without the substance of reality. The whole of the modern world is appearances, appearances inherited from yesterday of a world that's disappearing and gone. It's been emptied out by those that have been clever enough to fool the masses, and we know who those are that are clever enough to fool the masses. And, the masses want to be fooled because they don't want God. So, anybody who will lie to them clever enough to get rid of God they will like they will follow. That's what you've got today. And that's why we've got Covid. Because Covid is a classic case of appearances without reality. The propaganda is relentless. Day after day after day. It's lying, lying, lying all the time about how many are in the hospital. What they're in the hospital for. What does them good in the hospitals and so on and so on.

They're put in the hospital on ventilators and they're killed. They put on ivermectin and within a few hours they are feeling better. But they'll tell you the exact opposite. Ivermectin is banned and ventilators are obligatory for people shoved into the hospitals because of allegedly Covid. It is absolutely wicked what is going on and the people are too stupid to realize it because they've been served up a stupid education, and they wanted a stupid education because they don't want God.

Think about it. Think about it. It's a war on God. Modern man wages morning, noon, and night war on almighty God. God is not mocked, nor is he fooled. He's coming back. Watch out."

By Vincent Von Jamm

“I see no anti-Semitic implications in denial of the existence of gas chambers, or even denial of the Holocaust.”

— Noam Chomsky

Abba Eban and Simon Wiesenthal both agreed that there were no gas Chambers at Dachau. Also, no evidence whatsoever had ever been presented to show the existence of gas Chambers in the other camps. Although conditions in many of the camps we're lamentable, there is a preponderance of evidence that the inmates at those camps who died, died of disease and or being overfed after British American and Russian soldiers took over the camps. What was redacted from evidence being presented at the Nuremberg trials, was that in most of the camps, the inmates were fed the same rations as the guards and administrators.

The many instances of being overfed or under cared for why so called "Allied liberators" are not a criticism of the soldiers themselves but rather a simple exposition of the truth. It is human nature to want to help someone who is in need. These soldiers fed these people and gave them water when they were asked. The result was wholesale death. Many of those that survived knew if they ate too much that they would die. These very same people said as much at the Nuremberg trials. It should also be noted, that those persons who were sent to Auschwitz AG, we're sent under the auspices that they were being sent there for work and or resettlement. The persons sending them there had no idea that they were sending them to be experimented upon by the pharmaceutical industry. We know that we Germans are meticulous record keepers and that the paperwork to these transports has survived. There is no indication that anyone knew anything about a program of experimentation or extermination at Auschwitz AG. There is no question, that those that were found by Dr. Josef Mengele to be "unsuitable for experimentation", were sent to their deaths. By doing so, he exceeded his authority to the point of treason against the Reich! Had we won the war, he would have been tried and executed for his crimes by an SS Court in the same fashion that Buchenwalds commandant had.

Some may say this is Holocaust denial but I believe it is simple truth. Our beloved Fuhrer had no intention of exceeding the parameters set by the Nuremberg Laws, which governed all treatment of undesirables within the Reich or its protectorates. It was his intention (originally), to send them to Palestine and Von Ribbentrop (Germany's foreign minister), negotiated tirelessly with the British to try to get them to allow it. It was denied time and again. Their second choice was Madagascar, but that too failed. The United States also said no. No one in the entire world wanted the Jews. But our Fuhrer was hopeful that this would change once he had liberated the vast areas of the Soviet Union in which colonies could be set up which would be exclusively Jewish. The dream of resettlement and a sovereign Jewish homeland was first and foremost a Nazi idea! It was only after World War II, that the British saw the wisdom of allowing the Jews to go to Palestine.

As National Socialists, we must recognize that there are many Jews in Israel who know the truth and are trying to get the truth out. They know the truth about the pharmaceutical Industries crimes against humanity and are well aware that these same entities are committing the same types of crimes today with the farce of "covid-19" and the so-called "vaccinations", which are in concert with it. But there are other Jews who are the main protagonists of this new Holocaust, which makes no discrimination between races, religions, National Origins or political beliefs. It is the Holocaust of the controllers over the controlled. In this, the white race stands to be the greatest loser but anyone who does not comply will be at risk. That is why I urge all National Socialists to take upon themselves the policy of setting aside our many differences and joining together against the Jews and their agents who are perpetuating this outrage against humanity.

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