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The Invasion of the U.S. Explained

Alejandro Mayorcas, a former member of the Board of Directors for Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) and one of the biggest NGO's pushing immigration into the United States, is the Secretary of Homeland Security.

All of the "Globalist", Banking Elites are related going back to the time of Christ.

A metaphor for society, not just religion (below video). People know something is wrong in society but fail to take action based on ill-conceived concepts of reality crafted by the abusers themselves.

The abusers being the institutions of the world system, run top down via the banking system. Not your local bank but the bank for international settlements that controls all of your nations through central banks. Insurance "companies", that network of the system can be thought of most precisely as an administrative wing of the banking system. There is no longer healthcare but health administration. All cogs in the wheel of the impersonal system that demands its pound of flesh from everyone indiscriminately.

They have you believing that they are beyond reproach and can do as they like, but they are evil.

Who will you be in the next episode of societal abuse that targets whichever specific demographic? Will you be pushed to accept wrongs/evils or will you take a stand and destroy evil wherever you may find it?

Destroy it.

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