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The Ponzi Papers: NYU Is A Mob Front

M. Crosby

A brief guide to New York University’s most criminal secrets

  • Political Revenge Killings

  • Blackmail Rings

  • Ponzi Schemes

  • Money Laundering

  • Criminal Propaganda

All of these wild claims have been proven. In March 2023, tech billionaire Peter Thiel started a bank run that caused the sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. I was highly suspicious of the event and fell into a rabbit hole of over 2,000 hours of research.

NYU is just one of many, many institutions in a sprawling criminal network engaging in the most massive theft in criminal history. Here, I’ll summarize many of these findings. If you follow the links, footnotes and other posts on this page, you will learn the whole story and you’ll find proof of every word.

Student Killings

Do you know why NYU has so many dead students? It isn’t the Bobst Curse - it’s because they’ve got a murder problem. Here are some notable cases:

  • June 2004: Newark Assistant District Attorney David Lat started a gossip blog about the judicial branch called “Underneath Their Robes”. The anonymous blog became popular in legal circles, and was a public embarrassment for many prominent judges. Shortly after the blog’s release, David’s sister, NYU student Charlene Lat, went to his apartment while he was at work and ‘fell’ to her death from his balcony. This was a hit job by NYU and their allies in our criminal government. The means, motive, and opportunity of the crime can all be found in this New York Times article.

  • August 2007: Tumi McCallum was the daughter of two prominent NYU professors, staying alone in her mother’s apartment. She was brutally gangraped and bludgeoned to death, as described in initial reporting: She was found wrapped in a sheet with her head caved in, surrounded by empty condom wrappers and 40-ounce malt liquor bottles. Remarkably, all of these facts disappeared from the case: Her boyfriend took the fall, saying the killing was unplanned: They got into a fight and he strangled her until her nose bled. Because it was a crime of passion, his charge was reduced to manslaughter. The facts of the staged gangrape and bludgeoning disappeared completely from the trial: This was a cover-up by incredibly powerful people.

May 2023: NYU Business students Franco Medina Angulo and Sergio Ruiz were shot and killed while on vacation in Puerto Rico with other NYU students. They were allegedly caught in a mysterious crossfire and the killers were never caught. The case reeks of a cover-up: An inconclusive 5-second video was released and reported as evidence, and no information was ever released on those who engaged in the ‘crossfire’.

Those Criminal Tandons!

NYU Megadonors Ranjan and Chandrika Tandon are massive financial criminals.

Ranjan Tandon’s company Libra Advisors, LLC has been investing in fake-science and bio-med Ponzi schemes for decades.1 The fantastical start-ups promise revolutionary breakthroughs, but it’s all smoke and mirrors: The Ponzi collapses while the Tandons make billions in stolen cash.

Chandrika Tandon helped NYU President John Sexton create the NYU President’s Global Council, an advisory board for NYU’s international interests. Do you know why NYU has established unaccredited campuses all around the world? That’s for international money laundering.

And a whole lot of it is in service of cryptocurrency: Our first planetary, decentralized, multi-trillion-dollar Ponzi scheme.2 It is a Ponzi scheme so large that it created global inflation from trillions of dollars being double-counted by victims and the criminals who already stole their money.

Our biggest, most prominent companies invested in blockchain technology in order to pipe up to the crypto theft network and funnel out billions of dollars each: When the crypto Ponzi collapses - as all Ponzis must - it will shatter the world economy. Cryptocurrency is a (literal) economic doomsday device.

Other notable NYU President’s Global Council Board Members3 include:

  • Matthew Bronfman, who has ties to the NXIVM sex trafficking cult and Lehman Brothers investment bank, which was supposed to collapse because it was a Ponzi bank.

  • Miguel R. Forbes. Did you know that Forbes Magazine is owned by the (completely fraudulent) crypto industry? It’s like if the mafia had a magazine, promoting Ponzi schemes and celebrating our most criminal billionaires.

Why Jeffrey Epstein attended NYU in 1971

Because Epstein was an up-and-coming blackmail artist who knew that NYU has a blackmail ring. He was recognized for his talents at NYU, then he became a teen sex blackmail specialist for the CIA, hired at the Dalton School by former CIA officer Donald Barr.4

When did NYU get a blackmail ring? They likely inherited it from mobster Lucky Luciano, who ran his headquarters down the street and cut a deal with the US government in 1945.5

Here’s the rest of the Jeffrey Epstein story: He pivoted from blackmail to fake-science Ponzi schemes like his ‘Program for Evolutionary Dynamics’ at Harvard. Epstein co-founded the Clinton Global Initiative with Bill Clinton, which is exactly like the NYU President’s Global Council: International money laundering in service of Ponzi schemes and other organized crime.6

Criminal Propaganda

In 1984, NYU alum Bernhard Goetz shot four young black men on the subway who tried to rob him. He was heralded as the “Subway Vigilante” and helped fuel our racially charged culture wars.

In 1989, NYU alum Spike Lee made the film Do the Right Thing, which told us just how racially divided and tribalized we are.

In 2020, NYU alum Devina Singh made headlines for spitting in a cop’s face during the George Floyd protests.

NYU alums Sean Hannity and Rudy Giuliani teach us to be angry and divided, and that Democrats are evil.

NYU alums Chelsea Clinton and Whoopi Goldberg tell us to be angry and divided, and that Republicans are evil.

NYU alum Nancy Grace tells us the American public is rotten, violent, and morally decayed.

Can you spot the common theme? These are all instances of criminal propagandadesigned to divide the public against themselves so we don’t realize that our government and media have been taken over by history’s worst financial criminals whose only goals are to divide, deceive, and bleed us dry. None of these people are acting in good faith - they tell us we’re divided so we believe it and don’t figure out that we’ve got a ‘secret kleptocracy’.7

More Notable NYU Alums

Lawyer David Boies defended Al Gore vs. George W. Bush in the 2000 Presidential election (so we wouldn’t realize Gore was letting Bush win because they’re on the same team); Theranos (so we wouldn’t realize their investors were in on it, and that the fake-science start-up was supposed to collapse so they could launder money8; and Jeffrey Epstein victims (so we wouldn’t learn any of those secrets about Epstein).

Producer James L. Brooks made The Simpsons to tell us we have no choice but to slave away for evil billionaires, and that the American Dream is dead because we’re too oafish, divided, and morally decayed, and not because criminals have been stealing our futures.9

The Secret Fascist Crime of the Century

By now, I hope it’s clear that NYU is just one of many ruthless criminal institutions that shape our world, and that we are victims of a totalitarian con. We’ve got criminals running so many Ponzi schemes that they’ve caused recessions (like the Great Recession and the Dot Com Bubble). And that’s all before they created cryptocurrency: a bigger Ponzi scheme than any other in history that will soon shatter the world economy.

Our news, TV, films, and social media are a sprawling tapestry of criminal propaganda designed to divide the public and tell us how rotten and hopeless we’ve become.

And now that we’ve been so thoroughly divided and deceived our entire lives, our government is about to hit us with an apocalyptic fascist coup so we’ll live the rest of our lives in a violent state of emergency while they try to hold onto power.

To understand the true history that led us here, see this booklet. They’ve been conning us our entire lives.

What Should You Do?

Investigate. If you look into high-tech NYU start-ups, you’ll find evidence of Ponzi schemes. If you look into NYU’s big donors, you’ll find ties to cryptocurrency. If you look into dead students, you’ll find evidence of murders and cover-ups. That is because this understanding of the world has remarkable explanatory power. That’s because it is true.

Protest. We’ve got a criminal government and the public has gotten wind of all their biggest secrets. Laugh defiantly at history’s worst con artists. Air out their dirty laundry for all to hear. They tell us we’re hopelessly divided, but they already know that the only threat to them is an informed public that can see through the con.

Share. If you’re not sure what to do with the world’s biggest secrets, give them to other people. The emperor has no clothes; tell your friends.


This was where my investigation into the finances of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse led: I uncovered countless instances of offshore drilling, rare-earth mining, and fantastical science start-ups that had massive gains and then sudden collapses. Seeing the same pattern over and over again from a network of people with ties to Stanford, Harvard, and NYU, it became clear that this was all intentional, and that the investments were fake. These all make for good Ponzi schemes because the con artists can position themselves as technological experts, they can promise massive future returns, and they can dress them up in high-tech smoke and mirrors.


It was cryptocurrency that drew me into the rabbit hole around the Silicon Valley Bank collapse: The media was saying it was a regional banking crisis, but it had crypto’s fingerprints all over it. The other bank failures from March 2023 (Silvergate and Signature) both catered specifically to crypto companies, and the most alarmist voices in media blaming regional banking had also promoted cryptocurrency.


I haven’t looked into other NYU President’s Global Council Board Members, but I already know what you’ll find if you do: More fantastical science start-ups, more ties to cryptocurrency, and more examples of elites ‘losing’ money on paper but somehow getting richer.


The fact that our media glosses over the very obvious truth that Epstein was a blackmail artist is evidence that our media is fully complicit in this organized crime network.


The proof of this claim is one of the least believable, but it is proof all the same. I found several references to ‘snooker’ that appeared to be code for blackmail, found a snooker fan-site that appeared to tell Epstein’s origin story, then read the book ‘How I Play Snooker’ by Joe Davis and learned how to blackmail people just as Jeffrey Epstein had. I’ve covered this in more detail here.


Epstein’s interest in fantastical science has been reported as an interest fully separate from his organized crime. But when we learn about Ponzi schemes, we realize he just made the pivot from blackmail to Ponzis. If you’re wondering how so many claims can be proven, it’s through the repetition by so many different parties: Once we realize people at Stanford and NYU are engaging in Ponzi schemes, we recognize that Epstein was doing the same.

One of the most damning examples of this repetition is how nearly every attendee of the 2022 Clinton Global Initiative has ties to cryptocurrency, covered in this post.


You can find plenty of evidence of kleptocracy just by looking at the state of the country: For the last several decades, our government has been sold off to private interests. Everything has gotten worse and more expensive while a handful of people take all the money. Our last Secretary of Education was a pyramid scheme heiress.

If you’d like to know the exact moment our government went from a corrupt one to a full-blown kleptocracy, our best guess is Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton’s 1988 DNC speech, which is a sly admission that Clinton blackmailed Democratic Presidentical candidate Mike Dukakis because Clinton was secretly on former CIA director George H.W. Bush’s side. I have a sprawling write-up on the event here.


Theranos - the failed fantastical blood testing start-up out of Stanford - sounds a lot like a Ponzi scheme. It’s a lot like one (and Stanford has MANY Ponzi schemes at, but the key difference is in who the investors were. If the fake investment is sold to the public, it’s a Ponzi scheme. If the only investors are elites (which is the case with Theranos), it is money laundering. Henry Kissinger and Betsy DeVos don’t get fooled by Ponzi schemes.


I have an extensive write-up on The Simpsons here. It is just one of many, many examples in popular culture designed to lead us completely astray. Our criminal government tells us to laugh about how hopeless we’ve become while they make sure it’s true and rob us blind.

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