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After All of The Leftist "Groomer" Business (Think Pedophiles), LGBTQ+ Month Approaches

Updated: May 9, 2022

The Rainbow Flag of Baphomet (the Androgynous Deity/Daemon) is the driving force behind LGBT++++ and the Transgender Movement unbeknownst even to most ground-level Leftists that have given themselves over to this thing.

In any event, a cursory examination of most key aspects of modern society reveals the same Ba'alshit - occultism in one form or another. What people like to refer to as Satanism or Luciferianism, Ritual Occultism, "The Synagogue of Satan", Freemasonry, the Illuminati, Sabbatean Frankism (definitely look that one up). Even Religion itself is rife with symbolism but that you already know and accept. No matter what name(s) we give these things taking into consideration that language itself is the spellbinder, the bottom line is that they are all names for and forms of that which is Anti-God. That is what these terms mean to convey.

Very quickly. What is God? God is nature itself and the natural world all around you and that which you are a part of warrior.

However, Ba'alshit (occultism in one form or another) extends much farther than these things that we passively accept and erroneously believe only exist at best in the periphery of our own personal lives and realities, if at all. Unfortunately, that is not true.

These things that I speak of comprise layer by layer your perception of the "world" (the reality) that you are immersed in but to which you have been blinded to, to whatever extent.

When you see corporate logos, for instance, you do not stop to consider that there exists deeper meaning and significance to these shapes and markings notwithstanding the fact that symbolism is the elementary basis for human language. The finer points of what is meant by the symbolism utilized by corporate "entities" and governmental "authorities" escapes the broader public's perception by design. Your government is a corporate "entity", and you its asset. As its asset, you have been set up to 'naturally' believe that government at any level is somehow there for your benefit . You may still believe that the police are in place for your protection. Now, I can't tell you how long ago that changed, but it did. You may even believe after everything that you have witnessed thus far that the healthcare industry cares about your health when in reality the motto seems to be "to cure the human condition give it a (disease) cure to hope for". You may think that the Federal Reserve and conglomerate banking system is there to stabilize our economy perhaps. Most are still under the foolish belief that the Media is anything other than State sponsored propaganda. The Media is a tool of the hostile powers that be that (remember) cannot survive without the masses of the deceived. We can go down the line outlining the network of control exacted against the inhabitants of Western Civilization, advertising, movies, music, sports, entertainment, the poisonous products you are beckoned to consume. All of it product, including information.

After what we've witnessed over recent years, how could anyone still believe such fallacies?

Seems all of the elites in their respective camps and their minions, high and low [on the ground-level like the ones burning down your cities, in politics no matter the party, in corporate America, in whatever form of self-professed authority they throw at you like the U.N., CDC, WHO, CIA, FBI, etc.], want you to accept their twisted vision of the world. Their version of the world as a primarily objective does not include White people. Soon it will not include Latino and Hispanic people. The two largest populations in the nation. The vision of the world according to the elites is one in which there is no resistance to their not only androgynous agenda, but pedophilic. Not just blurring the lines of gender and sexuality. The goal and/or target is your children as you have recently witnessed.

They played their hand too soon for the still unsuspecting public.

That's why from every direction LGBTQ Ba'alshit is pushed in your face and promoted to your children. The objective is to soften up presumably moral individuals to deviancy, to recruit those susceptible to their tricks, and to gain consensus over the morally adept who They believe have by and large succumbed to the perpetual lies regarding tolerance. Remember, you are never asked to tolerate something that is good.

All throughout the ages, The Tribe was expelled from country after country, 109 to be exact (if we don't include the most recent Yemen), and for the same proximate reasons. In short, Usury and child sacrifice.

What is Usury? "Usury is a system based on a small number of people creating money from nothing and then charging the citizens of what used to be sovereign nations usurious or exorbitant interest with no legitimate or lawful authority to do so . . . and all governments march to the orders of Bank for International Settlements. Usury is the root of all evil. "

- Chris Dorsey

There's nothing new under the sun folks, except that society has been lulled to sleep creating a ripe environment for this element to have infiltrated and taken control over the once great nations founded and established by European descent people. They will have you believe, and many already do, that the countries of Western Civilization are not White Countries. They need you to believe that in order for the other facets of their scheme to work. In every European homeland (what you know as Western Civilization) every institution has been infiltrated, every corner of society and every aspect of culture, and every area of influence. The more control the tribe usurped over areas of society, the more devolved culture became and societal conditions incrementally degraded overall and in general. The influence of The Tribe now in our time is overwhelmingly and openly hostile toward White/European descent people. That is undeniable.

Ask yourself. How is it that a society supposedly run and controlled by White people in any way targets, attacks, and/or degrades White people? Simple. Because Western societies are NOT run by White/European descent people. If you don't think that matters, then you will never get to the crux of the problem because again the other facets of this grift rely on you believing that fabrication.

In nature we do not find that species act against their own biological imperatives. The most basic of biological imperatives is survival (instinct) and propagation of the species. However, with White/European descent peoples we see the opposite occurring. We see self-destruction. We see catastrophically low birth rates. This group is not flourishing in their own lands. How can that be? It is by design and craft. Yes, I said CRAFT. European descent peoples are the global minority, yet White people believe the polar opposite of what can readily be verified with a click of your mouse.

In the age of information, where anything you could possibly want to know can be ascertained in mere moments, how can it be that White people in particular are so utterly misled? It took grand planning over the generations to slowly poison the minds and hearts of the descendants of the perceived enemies of The Tribe. This is a historic phenomenon that has taken multiple generations to culminate to the societal conditions we now have where a hostile, and foreign, ruling class under the administration of ideologies born of The Tribe and members of the tribe (MOT) themselves in one form or another plague our societies in their bid for primacy.

Most people of European lineage are unaware of their history and/or do not fully appreciate how it relates to all that we are now experiencing, the same can be said of Latinos and Hispanics who are next up on the list to be targeted and maligned by the establishment in the coming years. Latinos and Hispanics will be derided for Spanish colonialism. Your average person can maybe hearken back to their grandparents but not much further. However, that is not the case with those that rule over these lands. They have multi-generational knowledge and memories, and rites, and agendas. Remember, to not know where you come from is to be as a child. We know the elites love children and keeping us as such intellectually and regarding the truths of history and our lineages, but we are not children. We are moral authorities aligned with God and nature.

At closer inspection we see how each maladaptive and destructive cultural and societal facet presently plaguing society can be drawn right back to The Tribe and their "liberal" concepts. All you have to do is observe. The overriding Anti-God policy in place is "Join us or be destroyed".

Any individual in our time, having been made a product of The Enlightenment and the deception known as Democracy (which actually denotes Jewish Rule) and the perpetual cry for equality cannot possibly accept the position of supremacy that is expected by this group, Jews. Self-appointed, Chosen of God as if they are superior to the rest. That is exactly what is meant. As products of our nauseatingly liberal environments, we reject any such notions of supremacy including and especially from those that declare themselves beyond reproach.

However, in reviewing the deleterious contributions made by members of this group in particular, to key facets of society that have led us to where we stand, including the sexual revolution, civil rights movement, etc. it begs the question, "who is their god?" By their deeds you shall know them.

Continued below.

"Currently, pedophilia is understood as a divergence of personality, caused by psychological damage in early childhood." Think trauma induced personality splitting as a defense mechanism. Trauma is the mechanism by which ills may spring.

Grooming Your Children Is An Open Subject in 2022, Now What America? They've come flat out and told you that They want to discuss sexual matters with your children. What types of people would be interested in such things? Time to face facts. You can call them "Groomers" to make the pill of what they actually are go down easier, but They are Pedophiles.

There are hordes of Pedophiles because this is Leftist culture, but there is something worse. The lot of them that want more than sexual contact with your children. The sadists. The ones that roam elite circles and the elites themselves that are fed the blood of children to temporarily satisfy a timeless thirst.

"I Have Bad News for The Gay Community: God Wants His Rainbow Back"

As LGBT+++++ (infinity) Month approaches this June, after the bold move this year by Establishment Leftists to push their ultimate agenda of full access to your children and begin their evil indoctrination of sexual grooming of even the youngest of our children in schools throughout the land with their twisted "Baphomet", androgynous, pedophile deviancy, what will this year's celebration of butt-fucking and utter degeneracy bring?

After all, it would appear that the Anti-God Establishment has played their hand far too soon. Granted, the push that we witnessed served as a real time caliper or barometer for testing push back, for taunting an already demoralized public, and pushing through the deed where possible. The Establishment's mindless, Leftist minions did all the heavy lifting by fully promoting and defending their master's agenda most of all through the interwebs.

However, "Conservatives" as usual met these Satanists halfway.

Just like gay "marriage" you are mocked. If gay marriage was about Rights, then it would not have mattered what it was called. It had to be called marriage to diminish that most sacred union.

The distortion of God's pledge to Noah symbolized by the Rainbow Flag is used to promote all that is Anti-God. Every time you see that flag, know it for what it is. Anti-God. Satanic. Occultist. Whatever you want to call it. They are no longer in their occult closet.

This year it was megaphoned to the mainstream public.

They want full access to your children so that They may openly do the unspeakable as They have been doing in secret for so very long. There's nothing new under the Sun. I know that people are demoralized. That is the adversary's goal but They're just getting started. Much like the Turks, that took European children and used them for all manner of deviancy as the ultimate measure of subjugation, history repeats itself.

As we approach June and the upcoming annual celebration of the Baphomet after they have fought relentlessly to gain access to your children, what shall we do other than to remain steadfast and unapologetic? I look forward to the Summer. WBS.

Fear not. White Boy Summer is also upon us.

2017 Article Excerpt:

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